TPS40120 Programmable Feedback Divider |

This product has been released to the market and is available for purchase. For some products, newer alternatives may be available.
Programmable Feedback Divider

Programmable Feedback Divider - TPS40120


The TPS40120 is a 6-bit digitally programmed feedback divider designed to work with TPS40090 multiphase controller or other controllers having 0.7-V internal reference to support VRM 10.x compliant power supplies. The TPS40120 is designed to support discrete DC/DC converters for Intel® processors using 5-bit (Pentium® 4 or Xeon™) or 6-bit VID codes with 12.5 mV steps.


  • VRM 10.x VID Code Table
  • 14-Pin TSSOP
    • Voltage Regulator Modules VRM/EVRD 10.x
    • Multiphase Processor Power Supplies