High-Current Step-Down DC/DC Converter with MIPI® RF Front-End Interface for RF Power Amplifiers - LM3263


High-Current Step-Down DC/DC Converter with MIPI® RF Front-End Interface for RF Power Amplifiers


The LM3263 is a DC-DC converter optimized for powering multi-mode multi-band RF power amplifiers (PAs) from a single Lithium-Ion cell. The LM3263 steps down an input voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V to a dynamically adjustable output voltage of 0.4V to 3.6V. The output voltage is externally programmed through the RFFE Digital Control Interface and is set to ensure efficient operation at all power levels of the RF PA.

The LM3263 operates in modulated frequency PWM mode producing a small and predictable amount of output voltage ripple. PWM mode enables best meeting power requirements and stringent spectral compliance, with the minimal amount of filtering and excess headroom. When operating in PFM mode, the LM3263 enables the lowest current consumption across PA output power level settings and therefore maximizes system efficiency.

The LM3263 has a unique Active Current assist and analog Bypass (ACB) feature to minimize inductor size without any loss of output regulation for the entire battery voltage and RF output power range, until dropout. ACB provides a parallel current path, when needed, to limit the maximum inductor current to 1.45A (typ) while still driving a 2.5A load. The analog bypass feature also enables operation with minimal dropout voltage.

The LM3263 is available in a small 2 mm x 2 mm chip-scale 16-bump DSBGA package.


  • MIPI RFFE Digital Control Interface
  • High-Efficiency PFM and PWM Modes with Internal Seamless
  • Operates from a Single Li-Ion Cell: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Dynamically Adjustable Output Voltage: 0.4V to 3.6V (typ.)
    in PFM and PWM Modes
  • 2.5A Maximum Load Current in PWM Mode
  • 2.7 MHz (typ.) Switching Frequency
  • ACB (reduces inductor requirements and size)
  • Internal Compensation
  • Current and Thermal Overload Protection
  • 16-bump DSBGA Package
  • Very small Solution Size: approx. 9.1 mm2

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2.5     2.5     1    
Buck     Buck     Buck-Boost    
ACB     ACB      
2700     2700     2400    
Adjustable Output
Light Load Mode
MIPI RFFE Interface    
Adjustable Output
Light Load Mode    
Adjustable Output
Light Load Mode
MIPI RFFE Interface
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