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Brushless DC Motor Controller

Brushless DC Motor Controller - UCC3626

Recommended alternative parts

  • DRV8306  -  DRV8306 features a smaller footprint and slew rate tuning with Smart Gate Drive


The UCC3626 motor controller device combines many of the functions required to design a high-performance, two- or four-quadrant, three-phase, brushless dc motor controller into one package. Rotor position inputs are decoded to provide six outputs that control an external power stage. A precision triangle oscillator and latched comparator provide PWM motor control in either voltage- or current-mode configurations. The oscillator is easily synchronized to an external master clock source via the SYNCH input. Additionally, a QUAD select input configures the chip to modulate either the low-side switches only, or both upper and lower switches, allowing the user to minimize switching losses in less demanding two-quadrant applications.

The device includes a differential current-sense amplifier and absolute-value circuit which provide an accurate reconstruction of motor current, useful for pulse-by-pulse overcurrent protection, as well as closing a current control loop. A precision tachometer is also provided for implementing closed-loop speed control. The TACH_OUT signal is a variable duty-cycle, frequency output, which can be used directly for digital control or filtered to provide an analog feedback signal. Other features include COAST, BRAKE, and DIR_IN commands, along with a direction output, DIR_OUT.


  • Two-Quadrant and Four-Quadrant Operation
  • Integrated Absolute Value Current Amplifier
  • Pulse-by-Pulse and Average Current Sensing
  • Accurate, Variable Duty-Cycle Tachometer Output
  • Trimmed Precision Reference
  • Precision Oscillator
  • Direction Output

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