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Precision analog output temperature sensor


High-Accuracy, Low-Power Digital Temperature Sensor


Highest accuracy, 9-channel remote temperature sensor


2-pin digital thermistor replacement

Widest breadth of temp sensors in the industry

  • >700 options to pick from
  • Die sales > WCSP > thru hole >> hermetically sealed;
  • Cable ready sensors capable up to 300 meters
  • Accuracy up to +/-0.13C
  • Multiple interface options

Upgrading from thermistors

  • Guaranteed accuracy over a wide range, no calibration
  • Highly linear - no need for look up tables
  • Programmablity & integrated alerts
  • Noise immunity
  • Lower power

From design to production, TI has the expertise, breadth, and capacity to meet any temperature sensor need. Since creating the first IC temp sensor more than 45 years ago, TI has continued to drive innovations in accuracy, low power, small packages, and features. From simple thermistor replacement to advanced sensors capable of operating over 300 meters of cable, TI makes temperature sensing easy. With online training, videos and more than 180K participants in TI’s E2E community, solutions are only a click away.