AC Inverter & VF Drives

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AC Inverter & VF Drives

Leveraging AC Inverters and VF Drives for AC Induction Motors in industrial applications saves energy, but also raises productivity, increases manufacturing flexibility, addresses regulatory and safety needs and can actually lengthen the life of the mechanical equipment. .

Whether the drive control is open loop, variable frequency or more advanced techniques like field oriented control or direct torque control, drives designers face many of the same questions:

What options are available for inverter and motor protection?

Are there better ways to sense phase current and voltage?

How can I protect my control circuit from the high power circuits?

Which communication network do I need to support?

How much real time control performance is needed?

Which safety standard(s) do I need to follow?

How can I scale my design for power/cost/performance?

Texas Instruments has motor control solutions to help answer all of these questions including high voltage sensing, isolation, industrial communications network support, real time controllers, gate drivers, power management and industrial safety solutions.


C2000™ and Hercules™ microcontroller (MCU) families are ideal for controlling an AC induction motor. All of these MCU families can be used for implementing scalar or vector-control techniques.C2000 MCUs are ideally designed for real-time operation and have high-resolution pulse-width modulators (PWMs) for precise control of gate drivers. Multiple (up to 4) 16-bit/12-bit, high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) can sample any sensor inputs with high precision. Integrated Analog overvoltage comparators, and PWM trip zones can very quickly remove power to the motor during out-of-range scenarios.

The combination of high-performance PWMs and ADCs guarantees a low torque ripple and highly efficient motor control. The powerful C2000 MCU core architecture enables fast execution of mathematical algorithms for controlling the motors with vector control. To get started with C2000 MCUs for CNC Machinery applications, visit C2000 Industrial Drives.

p>The RM4 and TMS570 Hercules Safety MCUs are based on the widely used ARM Cortex R4F core and are built to ease the development and certification of safety critical systems. The RM4 and TMS570 Hercules Safety MCUs have a up to two 12-bit ADCs. The flexible HET co-processor delivers motor-control-specific PWM to provide efficient control of the motor. On-board communication peripherals such as USB, Ethernet and CAN enable the MCU to act as a networked controller that can perform safe motor control as well.

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Tools and Software

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AMC1210 Mother Board AMC1210MB-EVM Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
C2000 Resolver to Digital Conversion Kit TMDSRSLVR Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) CCSTUDIO Texas Instruments SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers
High Voltage Motor Control and PFC Developer's Kit TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards

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