Simplelink CC1350 SensorTag Bluetooth and Sub-1GHz Long Range Wireless Development Kit


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For development on CC1350and CC1310 wireless MCUs, TI recommends the corresponding LaunchPad development kits:

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The CC1350 SensorTag expands the SensorTag ecosystem with a single chip Bluetooth™ low energy radio and a Sub-1GHz radio for the ultimate combination of easy mobile phone integration with long range connectivity including a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor on a single chip running for years on a single coin cell battery.

The CC1350 device is a wireless MCU targeting low power, long range wireless applications. The CC1350 device contains a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor that runs at 48MHz as the main processor and a rich peripheral feature set that includes a unique ultra-low power sensor controller. This sensor controller is ideal for interfacing external sensors and for collecting analog and digital data autonomously while the rest of the system is in sleep mode.

The CC1350 SensorTag allows direct connection via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets, combined with 2 Km range for the Sub-1GHz radio interface.

Note: The first batch of CC1350 SensorTag kits with FW revision 1.3.1 is not able to support over-the-air updates with the firmware programmed from the factory. Go to to upgrade your SensorTag with the latest firmware. A Debug DevPack is required to update the firmware from

  • SensorTag with Bluetooth and sub-1GHz radio for wireless applications with integrated PCB trace antennas
  • Includes 10 Low-power MEMS sensors for sensing motion, temperature, humidity, pressure, light, magnetic field, and sound
  • Compatible with the Debug DevPack for instant code development in CCS Cloud and CCS desktop
  • Supported by SensorTag App

What's Included

  • 1 x CC1350 SensorTag

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Simplelink CC1350 SensorTag Bluetooth and Sub-1GHz Long Range Wireless Development Kit


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Simplelink CC1350 SensorTag Bluetooth and Sub-1GHz Long Range Wireless Development Kit


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SimpleLink™ CC13x0 Software Development Kit


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