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We offer the industry’s largest portfolio of low-power (small-size), high-speed, and high-voltage comparators, ideal for voltage monitoring applications (over voltage protection or battery under voltage detection) as well as zero cross detection (ZCD) for event monitoring. Our portfolio also includes differentiated devices like window comparators and comparators with integrated reference.

High speed

Low propagation delay starting at 700 ps and with support for various output types

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Low power

Power-efficient comparators with quiescent current as low as 75 nA for extending battery life

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High voltage

Robust, high-voltage and fast-response-time comparators from 0.9 V to 36 V

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Small size

High-performance comparators in packages as small as 0.7mm x 0.7mm

Automotive certified

AEC-Q100 Grade 0 and Grade 1 certified comparators with robust 2-kV ESD

Standard comparators

Standard comparators from the industry’s largest and highest-quality comparator portfolio

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Featured comparators


AEC-Q100 Grade 1, 36-V dual comparator with improved 2-kV ESD


800-ps high-speed rail-rail input comparator with LVDS outputs


Dual, precision open-drain output comparator with 100-ns response time

Technical resources

A collection of common comparator sub-circuits and design tips that can be adapted to any application

Learn about the functionality of analog comparators, their key AC and DC specifications and the fundamentals of comparator applications

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