Digital power monitors

Optimize your system with power monitoring and improved accuracy all with a wide common-mode range

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Digital power monitors perform mathematical processing on chip, freeing up system processors to handle other tasks. Providing higher bit-depth with additional features, such as ALERTs, energy accumulation, and ambient temperature sensing, our portfolio of digital power monitors helps address the needs of various application types, especially those that need multidecade current sensing from 1000 A to 100 mA.

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Common-mode voltage

Select the common-mode voltage requirement for your current sensing application


Minimize current measurement error with highly accurate current sense amplifiers.


Select your desired resolution of the integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

Digital power monitors

48-V, 16-bit high-precision I²C output current/voltage/power monitor with alert

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Technical resources

TI Precision Labs - Current Sense Amplifiers
Check out this comprehensive curriculum for current sense amplifiers.  The series is comprised of short training videos that cover the basics of current sense amplifiers, tips for applications, debugging, key specs and more!
Simplifying Current Sensing (Rev. A)
Explore a comprehensive library of application-specific current sensing design challenges and how to solve them
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Selection guide
Selection guide
Current Sense Amplifiers (Rev. E)
Find featured reference designs and current sense amplifier products
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Design & development resources

Calculation tool
Current sense amplifier comparison and error tool
This Excel calculator provides a comparison between two and five of our standard current sense amplifiers, delivering a chart containing the basic parameters of each device. This calculator also takes system condition inputs from users such as common-mode voltage, supply voltage, shunt resistor (...)
IDE, configuration, compiler or debugger
System configuration tool

SysConfig is a configuration tool designed to simplify hardware and software configuration challenges to accelerate software development.

SysConfig is available as part of the Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment as well as a standalone application. Additionally SysConfig (...)

Evaluation board
INA232, INA234 and INA236 evaluation module for current/voltage/power monitors
This evaluation module (EVM) is an easy-to-use platform to evaluate the main features and performance of the INA232, INA234 or INA236. The EVM comes with GUI support to read and write to device registers.