Instrumentation amplifiers - the next level of precision signal conditioning

Integrated resistor networks maximize accuracy and space efficiency

Our portfolio of instrumentation amplifiers helps engineers improve direct-current (DC) accuracy and reduce system power while maintaining low distortion. Our proprietary thin-film technology allows for precise resistor matching and space savings.

Low noise (≤10nV/√Hz)

Achieve lower distortion and higher precision with ultra-low noise

Low offset (≤100µV)

Improve DC accuracy with low offset and high-precision performance

Low power (≤500µA)

Reduce system power without compromising performance

High voltage (≥12V)

Maximize input signal range for precision applications with a wider supply voltage

Featured instrumentation amplifiers


Low-noise (7-nV/√Hz), low-power (0.65 mA), precision instrumentation amplifier


35-μV offset, low-noise (7-nV/√Hz), low-power (0.35 mA), precision instrumentation amplifier


35-μV offset, high CMRR (88 dB), low-noise (8-nV/√Hz), low offset drift (2-μV/⁰C), difference amplifier

Featured reference designs

3-terminal programmable logic controller (PLC)

Inputs ±10V or ±20mA and outputs 2.5V±2.3V; measured performance yields less than 0.2% total unadjusted error

Single-supply strain gauge in a bridge configuration

Accurately measures the resistance of a strain gauge in a bridge configuration

Isolated current shunt and voltage measurement motor drive

Enables the performance evaluation of three motor currents, three inverter voltages and the DC-link voltage

Featured technical resources

Calculates the input signal common-mode-range of TI instrumentation amplifiers

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