Ultrasound AFEs

Fully integrated, high-performance analog front ends for medical ultrasound and sonar applications

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Our ultrasound AFE portfolio features a wide assortment of highly-integrated, analog front-end solutions for premium, high/mid-end cart-based systems, and handheld/portable ultrasound systems.   This portfolio offers the flexibility to select combinations of channel count, interfaces (LVDS/JESD), time gain compensation (TGC), continuous wave (CW) mode, signal bandwidths and power vs noise tradeoffs. The ultrasound AFE portfolio also offers integrated transmitters with various channel counts, multi-level pulsers, current drive, digital features such as beamformer, and varying bandwidth capability.

Featured ultrasound transmitters & receivers

Ultrasound AFEs

16-channel five-level transmitter with enhanced damping feature

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 49.5

Ultrasound AFEs

8-channel ultrasound transmitter

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 85