SLDA059 February   2022 AM2431 , AM2432 , AM2434 , AM6411 , AM6412 , AM6421 , AM6441 , AM6442 , LP8733 , TPS65218 , TPS6521815 , TPS6521855


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2LP8733xx and TPS65218xx Device Overview
  4. 3LP8733xx and TPS65218xx PMIC Variants
  5. 4PMIC Selection Guide
  6. 5Example Power Maps
    1. 5.1 AM64x Single-PMIC Solution
    2. 5.2 AM64x Dual-PMIC Solution
    3. 5.3 AM243x (ALX Package) Single-PMIC Solution
    4. 5.4 AM243x (ALV Package) Single-PMIC Solution
  7. 6TPS6521815 Programming Information
  8. 7Conclusion


The LP733xx and TPS65218xx used either standalone or in conjunction can support the wide power needs and use cases of the AM64x and AM243x Sitara processor lines. This overview outlined the different use cases and benefits of each solution to help you select the right PMIC solution for your system. Example power maps were also provided to showcase different power configurations and help accelerate the design process. The highly integrated LP8733xx and TPS65218xx PMIC families have multiple technical benefits and features to deliver optimized power solutions for the AM64x and AM243x processor lines.