SLDA059 February   2022 AM2431 , AM2432 , AM2434 , AM6411 , AM6412 , AM6421 , AM6441 , AM6442 , LP8733 , TPS65218 , TPS6521815 , TPS6521855


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2LP8733xx and TPS65218xx Device Overview
  4. 3LP8733xx and TPS65218xx PMIC Variants
  5. 4PMIC Selection Guide
  6. 5Example Power Maps
    1. 5.1 AM64x Single-PMIC Solution
    2. 5.2 AM64x Dual-PMIC Solution
    3. 5.3 AM243x (ALX Package) Single-PMIC Solution
    4. 5.4 AM243x (ALV Package) Single-PMIC Solution
  7. 6TPS6521815 Programming Information
  8. 7Conclusion

LP8733xx and TPS65218xx Device Overview

The LP8733xx and TPS65218xx are optimized and highly integrated power management solutions for the AM64x and AM243x processors. Table 2-1 provides an overview of the technical features for each PMIC family.

Table 2-1 LP8733xx and TPS65218xx Features
Features LP8733xx TPS65218xx
Input range 2.8 V to 5.5 V 2.7 V to 5.5 V (Converters)

1.8 V to 5.5 V (LDO)

Number of regulators 4 7
Number of DC-DC step-down converters 2 3 (Adjustable output voltage)

2 (Backup battery domain)

Number of Buck-boost converters 0 1
Number of LDOs 2 1
Additional Features
  • 2 configurable GPO signals for sequencing
  • Interrupt function with programmable masking
  • Programmable power-good signal (PGOOD)
  • Output short-circuit and overload protection
  • Overtemperature warning and protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • 3 load switches
  • 3 general purpose I/Os
  • 2 backup battery supplies that can be configured to operate as always-on supplies with the addition of a coin cell battery
  • Customizable voltage thresholds for the UVLO and supervisor
  • Interrupts for overtemperature, overcurrent, and undervoltage can be monitored for the load switches
  • Power-fail comparator
Ability to reprogram using EEPROM No Yes

The LP8733xx is a one-time programmable (OTP) device that comes pre-programmed to simplify the design process and allows direct implementation of the given power configuration with no modifications needed.

The TPS65218xx is a non-volatile memory (NVM) device that comes both pre-programmed and user-programmable. For example, the TPS6521855 is pre-programmed to meet the AM64x power sequence and configuration needs when paired with the LP873364. The TPS6521815 is a user programmable DIY device that comes with a blank EEPROM and disabled regulators to provide freedom to customize the desired output voltages, sequencing and more from start up as further explained in Section 6. All devices in the TPS65218xx family have a reprogrammable EEPROM, allowing flexibility to change configuration settings according to system needs.