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  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2LP8733xx and TPS65218xx Device Overview
  4. 3LP8733xx and TPS65218xx PMIC Variants
  5. 4PMIC Selection Guide
  6. 5Example Power Maps
    1. 5.1 AM64x Single-PMIC Solution
    2. 5.2 AM64x Dual-PMIC Solution
    3. 5.3 AM243x (ALX Package) Single-PMIC Solution
    4. 5.4 AM243x (ALV Package) Single-PMIC Solution
  7. 6TPS6521815 Programming Information
  8. 7Conclusion

LP8733xx and TPS65218xx PMIC Variants

Table 3-1 shows a comparison of the regulator output settings for each LP8733xx variant. The two LP8733xx variants are OTP devices that are pre-programmed with set output voltages and sequencing to match the different AM64x or AM243x specifications. For more information on this device, please see the LP8733xx data sheet. For more details on each variant, please refer to the LP873364 Technical Reference Manual and the LP87334D Technical Reference Manual.

Table 3-1 LP8733xx variant comparison table
Regulator SettingsOutput VoltageStartup / Shutdown DelayOutput VoltageStartup / Shutdown Delay
Buck00.75 V2 ms / 2 ms0.85 V2 ms / 2 ms
Buck13.3 V0 ms / 2 ms3.3 V0 ms / 2 ms
LDO01.8 V1 ms / 2 ms1.8 V1 ms / 2 ms
LDO11.8 V1 ms / 2 ms1.8 V1 ms / 2 ms
GPO0X[1]15 ms / 0 msX[1]15 ms / 0 ms

3 ms / 0 ms

X[1]3 ms / 0 ms

[1] A set output voltage is not pre-programmed; GPO0 and GPO2 can be pulled up and used to sequence discrete components to the system.

Table 3-2 shows a comparison of the pre-programmed TPS6521855 versus the DIY TPS6521815 settings. The TPS6521855 is a pre-programmed NVM device that can be used with the LP873364 as a dual-PMIC solution for the AM64x processors. The TPS6521815 is the user-programmable DIY version, and will be discussed in greater detail in Section 6. For more information on each variant, please see the TPS6521855 and TPS6521815 data sheets.

Table 3-2 TPS65218xx Variant Comparison Table
Regulator SettingsOutput VoltageEnabledStartup / Shutdown delayOutput VoltageEnabledStartup / Shutdown delay
DCDC11.1 VYes10 ms / 8 ms0.85 V to 1.675 VNoX[2]
DCDC21.0 VYes8 ms / 10 ms
DCDC31.8 VYes8 ms / 10 ms0.9 V to 3.4 VNoX[2]
DCDC42.5 VYes6 ms / 12 ms1.175 V to 3.4 VNoX[2]
DCDC51.0 VNoX[2]1.0 VNoX[2]
DCDC61.8 VNoX[2]1.8 VNoX[2]
LDO13.3 VYes4 ms / 14 ms0.9 - 3.4 VNoX[2]

[2] Register is not enabled, so regulator is not controlled by the sequencer. Regulator can be programmed with register enabled and desired startup/shutdown delay.

The AM64x and AM243x PMIC solution options using each LP8733xx and TPS65218xx PMIC variant are outlined in the next section in a PMIC Selection Guide.