SLVUBX4A November   2020  – February 2022 LP8764-Q1


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2Getting Started
    1. 2.1 Getting Started: Single EVM
    2. 2.2 Getting Started: Multiple EVM Evaluation
    3. 2.3 GUI Tool
  4. 3EVM Details
    1. 3.1 Terminal Blocks
    2. 3.2 Test Point Descriptions
    3. 3.3 Configuration Headers
    4. 3.4 Stack-up Headers
    5. 3.5 Connectors
    6. 3.6 Dip Switches
    7. 3.7 EVM Control and GPIO
  5. 4Customization
    1. 4.1 Changing the Communication Interface
    2. 4.2 Changing the Phase Configuration
  6. 5Schematic, Layout, and Bill of Materials
  7. 6Additional Resources
  8. 7Revision History

GUI Tool

Texas Instruments provides a GUI tool to enable, configure, and evaluate the various features of the LP8764x-Q1 with the EVM. Please refer to the GUI User's Guide for a more detailed description of this tool.

The GUI will run on most PC platforms and requires an available USB port. The EVM USB connector is type-C and a type-A to type-C cable is provided with the EVM to connect to the host computer. The EVM will enumerate as two COM ports and one additional port for the device firmware updates. The GUI should be using ACCtrl COM port which can be found from the device manager of the operating system. The COM port can be changed from the GUI from Options - Serial port menu.

A tool for estimating the efficiency of LP8764-Q1 device is also available called PMIC Efficiency Estimator Tool. The tool can be accessed here.