SLVT199A march   2023  – may 2023 SN74AHC1G04 , SN74LV123A , SN74LV123A-Q1 , SN74LV221A , SN74LV221A-Q1 , SN74LVC1G123


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System controllers can use GPIO pins to reset other components if a fault is detected; however, system controllers generally cannot reset themselves or their entire system. By using a monostable multivibrator, the system controller can reset the entire system.

Part Number AEC-Q100 VCC Range Function Features
SN74LVC1G123 1.65 V–5.5 V Single channel multivibrator Retriggerable, Schmitt-trigger inputs
SN74LV123A 2 V–5.5 V Dual channel multivibrator Retriggerable, Schmitt-trigger inputs, inverted output
SN74LV221A 2 V–5.5 V Dual channel multivibrator Schmitt-trigger inputs, inverted output
SN74AHC1G04 2 V–5.5 V Single channel inverting buffer

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