SNAU163C August   2014  – October  2016 FDC1004


  1.   FDC1004EVM User's Guide
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Setup
      1. 1.1 FDC1004EVM
      2. 1.2 Input/Output Connector Description
      3. 1.3 HW Setup
    3. 2 Sensing Solutions EVM GUI
      1. 2.1 System Requirements
      2. 2.2 Installation Instructions
      3. 2.3 Starting the GUI
      4. 2.4 Navigating the GUI
      5. 2.5 Connecting the EVM
      6. 2.6 Configuring the EVM Using the Register Page
        1. 2.6.1 Automatically Update GUI Register Values Using Auto-Read
        2. 2.6.2 Manually Update Device Register Values
        3. 2.6.3 Reading Register Values without Auto-Read
        4. 2.6.4 Saving Device Configurations
        5. 2.6.5 Loading Previously Saved Configurations
      7. 2.7 Configuring the EVM Using the Configuration Page
      8. 2.8 Streaming Measurement Data
        1. 2.8.1 Choosing the Graph and Visible Channels
        2. 2.8.2 Logging Data to a File
        3. 2.8.3 Starting and Stopping Data Streaming
        4. 2.8.4 Data Statistics
        5. 2.8.5 Configuring the Graph
        6. 2.8.6 Navigating the Data Streaming Buffer
      9. 2.9 Updating the EVM Firmware
    4. 3 Board Layout
    5. 4 Schematic
  2.   Revision History

Configuring the Graph

To configure the graph, click the "Show Graph Configuration" button.

6_gui_streaming_08_fdc1004_stream_show_config.pngFigure 32. Show Graph Configuration Button on Data Streaming Page
6_gui_streaming_06_fdc1004_stream_stats_showing.pngFigure 33. Graph Configuration Button on Data Streaming Page

The configuration window displays the actual frame rate of the graph, the rate at which data is added to the graph, the vertical scaling, and the sample buffer size. The display rate is the rate at which the graph updates on the computer display and is not configurable. It is automatically optimized by the GUI.

The "New Data Sample Rate" allows the user to choose when new data is added to the graph. Selecting "EVM Output Rate" will display data on the graph as fast as is available from the EVM. This should not be confused with the actual sampling rate of the device on the EVM which could be different. The "Add sample to graph every ... ms" will add a new sample to the graph at the specified rate.

The "Verical Scaling" allows the user to either manually set the minimum and maximum values of the y-axis on the graph or use auto-scaling. The "Autoscale & Lock" button scales the graph based on the data of the current display and then locks those vertical scaling settings.

The "Sample Counts" allows the user to specify the number of samples displayed on the graph and the total number of samples stored in the buffer. Please note the buffer size does not affect data logging to a file.

To hide the configuration window, click the "Hide Graph Configuration" button.

6_gui_streaming_10_fdc1004_stream_hide_config.pngFigure 34. Hide Graph Configuration Button on Data Streaming Page