SNAU163C August   2014  – October  2016 FDC1004


  1.   FDC1004EVM User's Guide
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Setup
      1. 1.1 FDC1004EVM
      2. 1.2 Input/Output Connector Description
      3. 1.3 HW Setup
    3. 2 Sensing Solutions EVM GUI
      1. 2.1 System Requirements
      2. 2.2 Installation Instructions
      3. 2.3 Starting the GUI
      4. 2.4 Navigating the GUI
      5. 2.5 Connecting the EVM
      6. 2.6 Configuring the EVM Using the Register Page
        1. 2.6.1 Automatically Update GUI Register Values Using Auto-Read
        2. 2.6.2 Manually Update Device Register Values
        3. 2.6.3 Reading Register Values without Auto-Read
        4. 2.6.4 Saving Device Configurations
        5. 2.6.5 Loading Previously Saved Configurations
      7. 2.7 Configuring the EVM Using the Configuration Page
      8. 2.8 Streaming Measurement Data
        1. 2.8.1 Choosing the Graph and Visible Channels
        2. 2.8.2 Logging Data to a File
        3. 2.8.3 Starting and Stopping Data Streaming
        4. 2.8.4 Data Statistics
        5. 2.8.5 Configuring the Graph
        6. 2.8.6 Navigating the Data Streaming Buffer
      9. 2.9 Updating the EVM Firmware
    4. 3 Board Layout
    5. 4 Schematic
  2.   Revision History

Input/Output Connector Description

J1, J2: 4x1 Header: the I/O ports of sections between the USBtoI2C and the FDC1004 sections. This provides the I2C communication channel and the power connections between these two sections should the EVM be separated into sections. A simple 4 wire cable can be used to interface the sections.

Table 2. J1, J2 Pin Out

Pin Pin Description
J1.1 J2.1 GND
J1.2 J2.2 VDD
J1.3 J2.3 SCL
J1.4 J2.4 SDA

J3: USB interface to connect the EVM to a PC; it also provides power to the EVM.

J4: 10x1 Headers. This is not populated by default. It provides an easy method to change sensors or to remotely place the sensor away from the FDC1004. This connector with its counterpart, J5, allows the communication of the two modules through a 10-wire cable.

Table 3. J4 Pin Out

Pin Description
J4.1 GND
J4.2 SHLD1
J4.3 CIN1
J4.4 CIN2
J4.5 SHLD1
J4.6 SHLD2
J4.7 CIN3
J4.8 CIN4
J4.9 SHLD2
J4.10 GND

J5: 10x1 Header, for the electrical connection between the FDC1004 and the sensor section.

Table 4. J5 Pin Out

Pin Description
J5.1 GND
J5.2 SHLD1
J5.3 CIN1
J5.4 Not Connected
J5.5 SHLD1
J5.6 SHLD2
J5.7 Not Connected
J5.8 CIN4
J5.9 SHLD2
J5.10 GND