SPRAD53 December   2022 TMS320F280025C , TMS320F280039C , TMS320F280049C , TMS320F28379D , TMS320F28388D , TMS320F28P650DH , TMS320F28P650DK , TMS320F28P650SH , TMS320F28P650SK , TMS320F28P659DH-Q1 , TMS320F28P659DK-Q1 , TMS320F28P659SH-Q1


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2System-Level Application
  5. 3AMC1306 Bitstream and Fail-Safes
  6. 4Software Implementation
    1. 4.1 Running the Software Example
  7. 5Summary
  8. 6References


In many industrial and automotive applications, an increasingly important requirement is the ability to continually monitor systems and enter appropriate fail-safe states. Particularly in real-time control applications, being able to detect potential faults and perform necessary actions within the system can prevent damage to the system and help support functional safety. This application note describes a technical diagnostic application involving a delta-sigma modulator interfaced with a C2000 microcontroller. The configurable logic block (CLB) peripheral in C2000 real-time MCUs can be utilized for test and measurement applications to provide a greater insight into the status of current and voltage feedback systems making use of delta-sigma modulators.