SPRZ455C December   2020  – September 2022 DRA829J , DRA829V , TDA4VM , TDA4VM-Q1


  1. 1Modules Affected
  2. 2Nomenclature, Package Symbolization, and Revision Identification
    1. 2.1 Device and Development-Support Tool Nomenclature
    2. 2.2 Devices Supported
    3. 2.3 Package Symbolization and Revision Identification
  3. 3Silicon Revision 1.1/1.0 Usage Notes and Advisories
    1. 3.1 Silicon Revision 1.1/1.0 Usage Notes
      1.      i2134
    2. 3.2 Silicon Revision 1.1/1.0 Advisories
    3.     i2024
    4.     i2038
    5.     i2048
    6.     i2049
    7.     i2050
    8.     i2052
    9.     i2053
    10.     i2054
    11.     i2055
    12.     i2062
    13.     i2063
    14.     i2064
    15.     i2065
    16.     i2067
    17.     i2079
    18.     i2081
    19.     i2083
    20.     i2085
    21.     i2086
    22.     i2087
    23.     i2090
    24.     i2091
    25.     i2092
    26.     i2093
    27.     i2094
    28.     i2095
    29.     i2096
    30.     i2097
    31.     i2098
    32.     i2099
    33.     i2100
    34.     i2101
    35.     i2102
    36.     i2103
    37.     i2103
    38.     i2115
    39.     i2116
    40.     i2117
    41.     i2118
    42.     i2119
    43.     i2120
    44.     i2121
    45.     i2122
    46.     i2123
    47. 3.3 i2124
    48. 3.4 i2126
    49. 3.5 i2127
    50.     i2128
    51.     i2129
    52.     i2131
    53.     i2132
    54.     i2133
    55.     i2134
    56.     i2137
    57.     i2138
    58.     i2139
    59.     i2141
    60.     i2143
    61.     i2144
    62.     i2145
    63.     i2146
    64.     i2147
    65.     i2148
    66.     i2149
    67. 3.6 i2150
    68. 3.7 i2152
    69.     i2153
    70.     i2154
    71.     i2155
    72.     i2157
    73.     i2159
    74.     i2160
    75.     i2161
    76.     i2162
    77.     i2163
    78.     i2164
    79.     i2166
    80.     i2168
    81.     i2171
    82.     i2173
    83.     i2174
    84.     i2177
    85.     i2179
    86.     i2180
    87.     i2182
    88.     i2183
    89.     i2184
    90.     i2185
    91.     i2187
    92.     i2188
    93.     i2189
    94.     i2190
    95.     i2191
    96.     i2196
    97.     i2197
    98.     i2198
    99.     i2199
    100.     i2205
    101.     i2207
    102.     i2208
    103.     i2210
    104.     i2211
    105.     i2213
    106.     i2214
    107.     i2215
    108.     i2216
    109.     i2217
    110.     i2219
    111.     i2227
    112.     i2228
    113.     i2229
    114.     i2230
    115.     i2232
    116.     i2234
    117.     i2235
    118.     i2238
    119.     i2239
    120.     i2244
    121.     i2245
    122.     i2257
    123.     i2271
    124.     i2277
    125.     i2278
    126.     i2279
    127.     i2307
    128.     i2310
    129.     i2311
    130.     i2320
    131.     i2329
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Modules Affected

Table 1-1 shows the module(s) that are affected by each usage note.

Table 1-1 Usage Note by Modules
USBSection 3.3.6 — USB: 2.0 Compliance Receive Sensitivity Test Limitation

Table 1-2 shows the module(s) that are affected by each advisory.

Table 1-2 Advisories by Modules
SR 1.0 SR 1.1
AASRC i2229 — AASRC: AASRC is not supported YES YES
Boot i2038 — Boot: FAT16 Fails When Root Block Resides in More Than One Cluster YES YES
i2081 — Boot: ROM Maximum Timeout per Boot Mode Will Be Half of the Original Value from TRM YES NO
i2307 — Boot: ROM does not properly select OSPI clocking modes based on BOOTMODE YES YES
C66x i2214 — C66x: Writes to different endpoints can land out of order if not fenced YES YES
C71x i2063 — C71x: VCOP Aliasing for CPU Loads and Stores Is Not Supported for Non-Aligned Accesses to the Last Line in the IBUF Buffers YES YES
i2064 — C71x: DMA Accesses to L1D SRAM May Stall Indefinitely in the Presence Cache Mode Change or Global Writeback in Specific Conditions YES YES
i2065 — C71x: The C71x Memory System and CPU May Stall Indefinitely in the Presence L1D Snoops YES YES
i2079 — C71x: DMA Accesses to L1D SRAM May Stall Indefinitely in the Presence of CPU Traffic in Specific Conditions YES YES
i2087 — C71x: MMA HWA_STATUS Reports Errors Before Application Starts YES YES
i2117 — C71x: Register Corruption When MMA HWARCV is in Parallel With Load or Store With uTLB Miss YES NO
i2131 — C71x: Memory System May Hang During L2 Writeback Invalidate Operation when L2 Scrubber is Enabled YES YES
i2199 — C71x: SE returning incorrect data when non-aligned transposed stream crosses AM1 circular buffer boundary YES YES
i2213 — C7x SE: SE Can Hang when a 2 dataphase transaction comes back with differing rstatuses YES YES
i2219 — C7x SE: SE Returning incorrect rstatus for uTLB faults YES YES
i2271 — C7x SE: SE Can Hang on Page Fault/UMC Error Occurring During SEBRK YES YES
CBASS i2207 — CBASS: Command Arbitration Blocking YES YES
i2235 — CBASS Null Error Interrupt Not Masked By Enable Register YES YES
CPTS i2083 — CPTS: GENF (and ESTF) Reconfiguration Issue YES YES
i2141 — CPTS: GENF and ESTF Nudge Value Not Cleared by Hardware YES YES
CPSW i2139 — CPSW: ALE Incorrectly Routes Packets With CRC Errors YES YES
i2148 — CPSW: CPSW Directed Frames are Not Observed When Classification Overrides the Destination Port Via the Egress Opcode Feature YES YES
i2184 — CPSW: IET express traffic policing issue YES YES
i2185 — CPSW: Policer color marking issue YES YES
i2208 — CPSW: ALE IET Express Packet Drops YES YES
CPSW9G i2179 — CPSW9G: Reset isolation not working correctly YES NO
CSI i2052 — CSI: CSI-Rx to CSI-Tx Retransmit Path Is Unavailable YES YES
i2190 — CSI: CSI_RX_IF may enter unknown state following an incomplete frame YES YES
DDR i2155 — DDR: Controller DDRSS_CTL_194[9-8] BIST_RESULT Status is Unreliable YES YES
i2157 — DDR: Controller Anomaly in Setting Wakeup Time for Low Power States YES YES
i2159 — DDR: VRCG High Current Mode Must be Used During LPDDR4 CBT YES YES
i2160 — DDR: Valid VRef Range Must be Defined During LPDDR4 Command Bus Training YES YES
i2166 — DDR: Entry and exit to/from Deep Sleep low-power state can cause PHY internal clock misalignment YES YES
i2182 — DDR: Dual-rank non-power-of-2 density not supported with row-cs-bank-col address mapping YES YES
i2232 — DDR: Controller postpones more than allowed refreshes after frequency change YES YES
i2244 — DDR: Valid stop value must be defined for write DQ VREF training YES YES
DMSC i2245 — DMSC: Firewall Region requires specific configuration YES YES
DPHY i2174 — DPHY: Reset sequence issue can lead to undefined module behavior YES NO
DRU i2198 — DRU, UTC: Issue with setting ICNT3 to 0 when not being used YES YES
i2215 — DRU: TR Submission can be corrupted by C7x writes coming out of order if Non-Atomic TR Submission Mechanism is Used YES YES
DSS i2097 — DSS: Disabling a Layer Connected to Overlay May Result in Synclost During the Next Frame YES YES
ECC_AGGR i2049 — ECC_AGGR: Potential IP Clockstop/Reset Sequence Hang due to Pending ECC Aggregator Interrupts YES YES
i2191 — ECC_AGGR: Erroneous non-correctable parity error assertion for RAM80 YES NO
eMMC i2144 — eMMC: VIO Supply Sequencing YES YES
FSS i2048 — FSS: MCU_FSS0_WRT_TYPE Register is Logging Incorrectly YES YES
GIC i2101 — GIC: ITS Misbehavior YES YES
HyperBus i2119 — HyperBus: HyperBus is Not Functional YES NO
I3C i2150 — I3C: SDAPULLEN drives low instead of Hi-Z YES YES
i2197 — I3C: Slave mode is not supported YES YES
i2205 — I3C: Command fetched during pending IBI is not properly processed in some cases YES YES
i2216 — I3C: Command execution may fail during slave-initiated IBI address byte reception YES YES
IA i2196 — IA: Potential deadlock scenarios in IA YES YES
Internal Diagnostics Modules i2103 — Internal Diagnostics Modules: Incorrect Reporting of ECC_GRP, ECC_BIT and ECC_TYPE Information for Functional Safety Errors YES YES
ICSSG i2230ICSSG: ICSSG is not supported YES YES
JTAG i2228 — JTAG: TAP used by Debuggers may be inaccessible if TRSTn device pin is never asserted YES YES
MCAN i2278 — MCAN: Message Transmit order not guaranteed from dedicated Tx Buffers configured with same Message ID YES YES
i2279 — MCAN: Specification Update for dedicated Tx Buffers and Tx Queues configured with same Message ID YES YES
MCU i2173 — MCU domain may hang if main domain is issued a reset YES NO
i2217 — Recommended POST selection via MCU_BOOTMODE[09:08] YES YES
MDIO i2329 — MDIO: MDIO interface corruption (CPSW and PRU-ICSS) YES YES
MMCSD i2024 — MMCSD: Peripherals Do Not Support HS400 YES YES
i2090 — MMCSD: MMCSD1 and MMCSD2 Speed Issue YES NO
MSMC i2116 — MSMC: Set-hazarding logic withholding RT access waiting on NRT access completion YES YES
i2149 — MSMC: MSMC Scrubber Only Targets Bottom 16 of 32 Ways of SRAM/L3$ YES YES
i2187 — MSMC: Cache Resize to 0 Refreshes Tags instead of Updating them YES YES
OSPI i2115 — OSPI: OSPI Boot Doesn't Support Some xSPI Modes or xSPI Devices YES NO
i2189 — OSPI: Controller PHY Tuning Algorithm YES YES
PCIe i2085 — PCIe: Gen2 Capable Endpoint Devices Always Enumerate as Gen1 YES YES
i2086 — PCIe: MMA Unsupported Request (UR) or Configuration Request Retry Status (CRS) in Configuration Completion Response Packets Results in External Abort YES YES
i2094 — PCIe: End of Interrupt (EOI) Not Enabled for PCIe Legacy Interrupts YES YES
i2100 — PCIe: Endpoint Destination Select Attribute (ASEL) Based Routing Issue YES YES
i2147 — PCIe: Incorrect translation completion type sent by RP for ATS translation request YES YES
i2152 — PCIe: Lock up may occur if link down event happens during non-posted command YES YES
i2153 — PCIe: Incorrect Reserved Bit Handling in TS1 Packet YES YES
i2154 — PCIE: Lane deskew failure during L0s exit YES YES
i2183 — PCIe: Link up failure when unused lanes are not assigned to PCIe Controller YES YES
i2238 — PCIe: The 2-L SerDes PCIe Reference Clock Output can exceed the 5.0 GT/s Data Rate RMS jitter limit YES YES
i2239 — PCIe: The 2-L SerDes PCIe Reference Clock Output is temporarily disabled while changing Data Rates YES YES
POK i2277 — POK: De-Glitch (filter) is based upon only two samples YES YES
PRU-ICSSG i2180 — PRU-ICSSG: FDB table corruption during switch operation YES NO
PSIL i2137 — PSIL: Clock stop operation can result in undefined behavior YES YES
i2138 — PSIL: Configuration accesses and source thread teardowns may cause data corruption YES YES
R5FSS i2099 — R5FSS: Deadlock Might Occur When One or More MPU Regions is Configured for Write Allocate Mode YES YES
i2118 — R5FSS: Debug Access in Lock-Step Mode May Result in Failure YES YES
i2129 — R5FSS: High Priority Interrupt is Missed by VIM YES YES
i2132 — R5FSS: Interrupt Preemption (Nesting) is Unavailable if Using VIM Vector Interface for Interrupt Handling YES YES
i2133 — R5FSS: Lock-Step Mode of Operation is Not Functional YES NO
i2161 — Debugger Cannot Access VIM Module While It Is Active YES YES
i2162 — R5FSS: The Same Interrupt Cannot be Nested Back-2-Back Within Another Interrupt YES YES
i2164 — R5FSS: Errors in ECC injection logic are not detected because the pending interrupts are tied low YES YES
i2210 — R5FSS : ATB Flush requests are suppressed YES
i2227 — R5FSS: Error interrupt CCM_COMPARE_STAT_PULSE_INTR incorrectly driven YES YES
RA i2054 — RA: Reads from GCFG Region Can Cause Spurious RAM ECC Errors YES YES
i2095 — RA: Peek to Tail Returns Wrong Data YES YES
RAT i2062 — RAT: Error Interrupt Triggered Even When Error Logging Disable Is Set YES YES
RINGACC i2177 — RINGACC: The ring accelerator’s debug transaction trace stream can be corrupted by certain ring access sequences YES YES
SA2_UL i2098 — SA2_UL: Auth/Decrypt Operations with 2nd Input Thread Does Not Send the DMA Packet Out YES YES
2-L SerDes i2171 — 2-L SerDes: State Change Monitor interrupts are not available YES YES
STOG i2121 — STOG: Flushing Gasket while there is a write transaction in flight can result in dropped write responses YES NO
i2122 — STOG: Flushing Gasket concurrently with Gasket receiving a write response can cause indefinite non-idleness YES YES
i2123 — STOG: Timed Out Emulation Debug write responses from the Slave Gasket always return Success YES YES
i2124 — STOG: Read command timeout can result in a gasket hang YES NO
i2126 — STOG: Error miscounting when there are two concurrent timeouts or two concurrent unexpected responses YES YES
i2127 — STOG: SRC side write data bus hang when a write command timeout occurs the same cycle as last acceptance on DST side YES YES
UART i2096 — UART: Spurious UART Interrupts When Using DMA YES YES
UDMAP i2055 — UDMAP: Packet Mode Descriptor Address Space Select Field Restrictions YES YES
i2143 — UDMAP: TX Channel SA2UL teardown issue YES YES
i2146 — UDMA: Force teardown bitfield readback is masked in realtime TX/RX registers YES YES
i2163 — UDMAP: UDMA transfers with ICNTs and/or src/dst addr NOT aligned to 64B fail when used in "event trigger" mode YES YES
i2168 — UDMAP: Spurious ECC errors due to MAIN/MCU NAVSS rofifo_wr_byten issue YES YES
i2320 — UDMA, UDMAP: Descriptors and TRs required to be returned unfragmented YES YES
i2234 — UDMA: TR15 hangs if ICNT0 is less than 64 bytes YES YES
UFS i2102 — UFS: Auto-Hibernate can cause false entry/exit errors YES YES
i2211 — UFS: Hibernate Exit can result in link reinitialization YES YES
USART i2310 — USART: Erroneous clear/trigger of timeout interrupt YES YES
i2311 — USART: Spurious DMA Interrupts YES YES
USB i2050 — USB: Endpoint OUT Data Queue is Locked Up Due to a Data Packet for an Endpoint that Does Not Have Associated TRB YES YES
i2067 — USB: Race Condition while Reading TRB from System Memory in Device Mode YES YES
i2092 — USB: Invalid Termination of DMA Transfer for Endpoint Following Isochronous Endpoint in SuperSpeed Device Mode YES YES
i2093 — USB: DMA Hangs if USB Reset is Received During DMA Transfer in Device Mode YES YES
i2134 — USB: 2.0 Compliance Receive Sensitivity Test Limitation YES YES
VPAC i2188 — VPAC, DMPAC: UTC ECC writeback on queue memory can cause TR corruption YES YES
VTM i2053 — VTM: Software Reads from On-Die Temperature Sensors Can Be Corrupted YES YES
i2128 — VTM: VTM Temperature Monitors (TEMPSENSORs) Should Use a Software Trimming Method YES YES
i2145 — VTM: Enabled interrupt event status registers incorrectly return raw unmasked values YES YES
xSPI i2257 — xSPI boot mode redundant image boot failure YES