I2C 스위치 및 멀티플렉서

Eliminate address bus conflicts and save system power

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Our I2C switches and multiplexers expand the capability of your control system by switching between I2C buses by maintaining compliant data transfer for error-free communication. These products eliminate address bus conflicts and help you save system power.

I2C switches and multiplexers (muxes) key benefits


Versatile portfolio

Our I2C switches and muxes portfolio offers multiple channels (2 to 8), addresses and supply voltages (1.65 V to 5.5 V) that provide communication with multiple I2C devices.


Secure communication

Secure communication between different devices through our switches and muxes features, such as level shifting and hot insertion.


Design support

Use our I2C switches and muxes and know you will have great design support through our evaluation modules, software and E2E community support.