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Achieve enhance load transient response with minimal output capacitance

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The inductor-inductor-capacitor (LLC) scales to high-power output levels. Complexity, efficient operation in light load conditions and system cost are the traditional challenges associated with this topology. These zero-voltage switching, low-EMI and low-component stress controllers offer excellent audible noise immunity when paired with an optimized PFC and SR controller, even with the most demanding system requirements.

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LLC controllers without high-voltage startup

Optimize for power ranging from 100-W to 1000-W with resonant converters that do not include a high-voltage startup. 

LLC controllers with high-voltage startup

Optimize for power ranging from 100-W to 1000-W with resonant converters that include a high-voltage startup. 

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Power density

Minimize your solution size while maximizing your efficiency

Our latest LLC solutions provide highly efficient solutions with unique control methodologies and integrated features to simplify system design, increase efficiency across load and minimize audible noise. Integrated high voltage startup and Hybrid Hysteretic Control (HHC) enable significant size reduction of passive components while maintaining excellent transient response, high power density and high average efficiency. Additionally, these solutions provide a highly efficient burst mode with soft-on and soft-off periods to achieve very low standby power and low audible noise at standby operation.

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UCC256403 ACTIVE LLC resonant controller with ultra-low power and ultra-quiet standby operation
UCC256404 ACTIVE LLC resonant controller with ultra-low power, ultra-quiet standby operation and high voltage startup

Technical resources

Implementation of wide output LLC in power tool charging and LED lighting applications
This video covers practical implementations and design considerations for achieving a variable output voltage in LLC, suitable for applications such as LED lighting and power tool chargers.
Application note
Application note
Improving Transient Response in LLC Converters Using Hybrid Hysteretic Control (Rev. B)
Learn how an innovative LLC control methodology, hybrid hysteretic control (HHC), offers superior transient performance and a simplified LLC power stage.
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Technical article
Technical article
How to reduce audible noise and power consumption at standby in your AC/DC design
This blog looks at how our PFC, LLR and SR controllers help reduce audible noise and power consumption in new AC/DC designs.

Reference designs related to LLC controllers

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.