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Highest efficiency. Lowest THD.

Power factor correction (PFC) controllers for your high-voltage applications

Our PFC controllers offers the highest efficiency, lowest standby power and superior power factor and current distortion for your switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), which helps you meet challenging standards like the DoE Level-VI and EU CoC Tier-2. From critical conduction mode (CRM)and transition mode (TM) to continuous conduction mode (CCM) PFCs, we’ve got it all.

Single-phase TM

Our portfolio of TM PFC controllers for low and medium power designs delivering excellent light-load efficiency and low-power over all load conditions.

Single-phase CCM

Our portfolio of CCM PFC controllers are typically used in medium to high-power applications for smaller footprint and easier layout options.


Our portfolio of TM and CCM PFC controllers are typically used in medium to high-power applications.