Power factor correction (PFC) controllers

PFC controllers with the highest efficiency and lowest THD for high-voltage applications

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Our power factor correction (PFC) controllers offer the highest efficiency, lowest standby power and superior power factor and current distortion for your switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). This helps you meet challenging standards like the DoE Level-VI and EU CoC Tier-2. From critical conduction mode (CRM) and transition mode (TM) to continuous conduction mode (CCM) PFCs, we have them all.

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Single-phase TM

Use in low- and medium-power designs to deliver excellent light-load efficiency and low-power over all load conditions.

Single-phase CCM

Use in medium- to high-power applications for a smaller footprint and easier layout options.

Interleaved TM & CCM

Use in medium- to high-power applications.

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Power density

Minimize your solution size while maximizing your efficiency

Our PFC controllers offer higher switching frequency ranges for minimizing inductor size. Additionally, many solutions leverage burst mode to provide high light-load efficiency and eliminate the auxiliary flyback when paired with LLC controller and/or SR controllers. Our interleaved controllers enable multi-phase design and parallelization for scalability. 

Featured products for power density
UCC28065 ACTIVE Natural Interleaving™ transition-mode PFC controller with high-frequency switching
UCC28064A ACTIVE Natural Interleaving™ transition-mode PFC controller with high light-load efficiency
UCC28056 ACTIVE 6-pin high-performance CrM & DCM PFC controller

Technical resources

Video series
Video series
Power factor correction (PFC) basics and design considerations
This video series discusses PFC basics, topology comparisons and design considerations to achieve a cost-optimized and efficient PFC design.
Application note
Application note
Optimizing Efficiency and Standby Power With the UCC28056 in Offline Application (Rev. B)
This note reviews the UCC28056x architecture and how features such as burst-mode empower designs to meet challenging modern power requirements.
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Technical article
Technical article
Gain ultra-high power density for 100-W USB Power Delivery adapters
This articles reviews how our PFC and ACF controllers enable the highest density and best efficiency designs for >100-W adapters.

Reference designs related to Power factor correction (PFC) controllers

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.