SR & load share controllers

Improve your efficiency and power density with our high-performance synchronous rectifier and load-share controllers

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Our portfolio of high-performance synchronous rectifier (SR) and load-share controllers enables higher efficiency for power supplies by replacing the output rectifier diode with a more efficient SR FET. This topology helps you create solutions that are smaller and cooler and comply with stringent requirements for less.

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Synchronous rectification (SR)

Our SR controllers enhance the efficiency of an AC/DC power supply by replacing the rectification diodes with actively controlled MOSFETs on the secondary side.


Get enhanced system reliability through redundancy, so the failure of one or more modules can be tolerated as long as the total remaining capacity is equal to or greater than the demands of the load.

Primary-side startup

Our primary-side startup devices can be used to support a fast transient response with 1/6th of the capacitance at the output.

Technical resources

Control & design challenges for SR controllers
This training series explains the benefits of using a synchronous rectifier to achieve efficiency improvements and presents design criteria for selecting a suitable SR MOSFET.
Application note
Application note
Design Considerations With Dual-Channel SR Controller UCC24624
This application note provides helpful tips and design considerations when using our latest SR controller for LLC resonant converter applications.
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More literature
More literature
Achieving High Power Density and Ultra Low Standby Power in Flyback Converters
This seminar offers a review of how our newest wake-up IC, UCC24650, improves transient response in a PSR flyback supply while reducing output capacitance and still maintaining excellent standby power.
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Reference designs related to SR & load share controllers

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.