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Power management

High-performance SR & load-share controllers.

Improve your efficiency and power-density

Our portfolio of synchronous rectifier (SR) and load-share controllers enable higher efficiency for power supplies by replacing the output rectifier diode with a more efficient SR FET. This topology helps you create solutions that are smaller, cooler and compliant with stringent requirements for less.

Synchronous rectificaton

Our SR controllers enhance the efficiency of an AC/DC power supply by replacing the rectification diodes with actively controlled MOSFETs on the secondary side.


Our load-share controllers provide enhanced system reliability through complete redundancy such that the failure of one or more modules could be tolerated as long as the total remaining capacity is equal to or greater than the demands of the load.

Primary-side startup

Our primary-side startup devices can be used to support a fast transient response with 1/6th of the capacitance at the output.