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MOSFET power blocks

Save space, improve efficiency, and simplify power supply design

Our power blocks combine optimized control and synchronous MOSFETs with PowerStack™  packaging technology to eliminate parasitics and achieve higher efficiency. The power block portfolio consists of devices for general power supply and devices that pair with our motor drivers to deliver a complete solution for cordless power tools and appliances.

Power block for power supply

Our power blocks integrate two MOSFETs into a single PowerStack™ package that eliminates parisitic inductance and improves efficiency. These devices operate seamlessly with our synchronous buck and boost controllers.

Power block for motor control

Three devices share a single switch node for a simplified layout of our motor control power blocks. Additionally, our DualCool™ package reduces PCB space by 50% and enables high current capability with ultra-low on resistance to minimize conduction

Featured products


45-A synchronous buck NexFET™ Power Block.


30-V synchronous buck NexFET™ Power Block.


40-V half-bridge NexFET™ Power Block.

Featured reference designs

Featured tools

Buck converter NexFET™ Power Block selection tool

This tool is designed to assist engineers in the selection of our discrete power MOSFET and power block devices for their synchronous buck design. 

Technical content

Learn the basic tips and tricks to select and design with a MOSFET to get to market faster.