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Save space, improve efficiency and simplify power supply design

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Our power blocks combine optimized control and synchronous MOSFETs with PowerStack™ packaging technology to eliminate parasitics and achieve higher efficiency. The power block portfolio consists of devices for general power supply and devices that pair with our motor drivers to deliver a complete solution for cordless power tools and appliances.

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Power blocks for power supply

Power blocks integrate two MOSFETs into a single PowerStack™ package eliminating parisitic inductance and improving efficiency.

Power blocks for motor control

Our DualCool™ package reduces PCB space by 50% and enables high current capability with ultra-low on-resistance to minimize conduction loses.

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Technical resources

Technical article
Technical article
Improve the performance of your power tool design with power blocks
Learn how a MOSFET power block helps you achieve a more reliable, smaller-sized, efficient and cost-competitive system solution.
Application note
Application note
MOSFET Support and Training Tools (Rev. B)
Explore all of the literature and tools you need to support your power MOSFET designs.
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Technical article
Technical article
Selecting the right power MOSFET/power block package for your application
Learn about package thermal capability and power dissipation in our MOSFET and power block packages.

Design & development resources

Calculation tool
MOSFET power loss calculator for synchronous buck converter applications
Quickly trade off size, cost and performance to select the optimal MOSFET based on application conditions.
Calculation tool
MOSFET power loss calculator for motor drive applications
This is an Excel-based MOSFET power loss calculator for brushless DC motor drive applications.
Evaluation board
DRV8304H Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver Evaluation Module
The BOOSTXL-DRV8304HEVM evaluation module  (EVM) is a 15A, 3-phase brushless DC drive stage based on the DRV8304H gate driver and A2 dual-package MOSFETs.  The EVM has individual DC bus and phase voltage sense as well as individual low-side current shunt amplifiers, making (...)

Reference designs related to Power blocks

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.