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Offline & isolated DC/DC controllers & converters 

Maximize power conversion with our comprehensive portfolio

We offer one of the world's largest comprehensive portfolio of high-performance AC-DC, isolated DC-DC controllers and converters with the widest range of power topology options. Our devices help you innovate and differentiate your power supply design to deliver high efficiency, high power density and high performance isolated power conversion.

Product portfolio

AC/DC solutions

Maximize your AC/DC power factor and conversion efficiency with the smallest possible size using high performance PFC and flyback ICs.

Isolated DC/DC solutions

Maximize your power density with our easy-to-use active clamps, push-pull, LLC, half-bridge, full bridge, phase shifted full bridge, flybacks, and general purpose PWM controllers serving a wide power range.

GaN FET controllers

GaN FET controllers help you maximize your system's efficiency and size reduction. These analog and digital controllers are created to work with gallium nitride (GaN).

The different types of controllers & converters


Our extensive portfolio of AC/DC controllers and converters,  GaN FET controllers, and synchronous rectifier controllers enable you to use the highest possible power density and lowest standby power consumption. These devices help you meet energy standards such as COC and DOE.

In addition, our PWM resonant controllers, PFC controllers, and sychronous rectifier work together to eliminate the need for an auxiliary flyback by achieving low standby power consumption.  Along with other features, such as excellent audible noise performance, we enable you to improve your AC/DC design to do more with less. 



6-pin high performance CRM/DCM PFC controller


LLC resonant controller with ultra-low standby power and high voltage startup


LLC resonant controller with ultra-low standby power and high voltage startup

UCC25640x half-bridge LLC evaluation module

TThe UCC25640EVM-020 is a 180-W, stand-alone LLC resonant converter using UCC256404. This EVM accepts DC input from 360 V to 410 V, AC input voltage from 85 VAC to 264 VAC and outputs 12 VDC with 180-W full-load output power.

GaN FET controllers 

Enable your design's full potential with our controllers that are optimized for gallium nitride (GaN). Our controllers are specifically designed to work with GaN FET controllers, with the high-frequency operation and new topologies that maximize the efficiency and size reduction possible.

Why choose an analog controller? 


Analog controllers are simplified and focused on your specific toplogies. Firmware is not required when designing with an analog controller.  In addition, they offer high performance and are generally cost optimized. 

Key benefits of an analog controller:

  • Optimize and reduce your system cost 
  • Lower your system's standby power  


Why choose a digital controller? 

Digital power control gives you the scalability and flexibility needed to achieve high quality and high performance power electronics systems. It allows implementation of advanced algorithms to satisfy high efficiency, high switching frequency, low-latency, real-time control requirements. 

Key benefits of digital controllers:

  • Highly flexible for various topologies 
  • Optimize performance to meet critical system specifications 
  • System-level integration, communication and diagnostics, reliability and safety



Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured offline and isolated DC/DC controllers and converters below, designed to help you address power density challenges.

Offline & isolated DC/DC controllers & converters for power density

The growing need to design efficient power supplies is met with our innovative controllers and converters portfolio of devices, designed to deliver more and waste less energy. These devices can improve light load performance while eliminating the need to switch off the PFC, which meets the industry’s growing pressure on performance, but does so while minimizing the number of external components.


Natural Interleaving™ transition-mode PFC controller with high-frequency switching


High-density active-clamp flyback controller with EMI dithering, x-capacitor discharge and bias power management


LLC resonant controller with ultra-low power and ultra-quiet standby operation

High Voltage Solutions

Looking for other high-voltage solutions?

You're in the right place. From GaN to gate drivers, we enable you to do more with less power with end-to-end power conversion devices that deliver high efficiency, power density, and reliability.