Power management

eFuse and hot swap controllers

Reliable power path protection

Our portfolio of eFuse and hot swap devices have extensive feature options including adjustable current limit, over/under voltage protection, and short circuit or reverse polarity protection. These power path protection devices are used to control load current with integrated or external FETs.



eFuses are hot swap controllers with an integrated pass FET, providing robust current sense accuracy and thermal protection for designs requiring 12A or less load current.


Hot swap controllers

Hot swap controllers provide flexible design options by using external FETs to determine current capabilities. Analog or I2C/PMBus control and monitoring options are available.

Featured eFuse and hot swap controllers


TPS2595 is a 18V, 4A, 34mΩ eFuse with fast overvoltage protection. This is a highly integrated circuit protection and power management solution in a small package.


TPS2663 is a 60V, 6A power limiting, surge protection industrial eFuse with a 31-mΩ integrated FET. This is easy to use and has additional protection features.


TPS25982 is a 15A, 3mΩ eFuse with accurate current monitor and configurable retry timers. This is a highly integrated circuit protection and power management solution in a small package.

Featured design resources 

Basics of eFuses

This application note highlights the challenges and limitations of discrete circuit-protection solutions and discusses how they can be improved with an eFuse.

Design calculator tools

Creating a hot swap design can involve complex formulas and calculations. Simplify the process by entering system requirements and the calculator will guide you towards developing a robust design.

Online support and training

Personalize your training experience by accessing advice and support from the eFuse and hot swap experts. Explore our on-demand training videos, application notes, blogs and more.

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Flat-clamp surge protection diodes

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