Automotive 40-V, 8-channel half-bridge smart gate driver with inline current sense amplifier


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Number of full bridges 4 Vs (Min) (V) 4.9 Vs ABS (Max) (V) 40 Sleep current (uA) 5 Control mode Independent 1/2-Bridge, PH/EN, PWM Control interface SPI Features Inline Current Sense Amplifier, Open-Load Detection, Smart Gate Drive Rating Automotive Operating temperature range (C) -40 to 125 open-in-new Find other Brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers

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VQFN (RVJ) 56 64 mm² 8 x 8 open-in-new Find other Brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers


  • AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications:
    • Temperature grade 1: –40°C to +125°C, TA
  • Multi-channel half-bridge gate drivers
    • Pin to pin 4 and 8 half-bridge driver variants
    • 4.9-V to 37-V (40-V abs. max) operating range
    • 4 PWM inputs with output mapping
    • Tripler charge pump for 100% PWM
    • Half-bridge, H-bridge, and SPI control modes
  • Smart multi-stage gate drive architecture
    • Adjustable slew rate control
    • Adaptive propagation delay control
    • 50-µA to 62-mA peak source current output
    • 50-µA to 62-mA peak sink current output
    • Integrated dead-time handshaking
  • 2x wide common mode current shunt amplifiers
    • Supports inline, high-side, or low-side
    • Adjustable gain settings (10, 20, 40, 80 V/V)
  • Multiple interface options available
    • SPI: Detailed configuration and diagnostics
    • H/W: Simplified control and less MCU pins
  • Compact VQFN packages with wettable flanks
  • Integrated protection features
    • Dedicated driver disable pin (DRVOFF)
    • Low IQ, sleep mode motor braking (BRAKE)
    • Supply and regulator voltage monitors
    • MOSFET VDS overcurrent monitors
    • MOSFET VGS gate fault monitors
    • Charge pump for reverse polarity MOSFET
    • Offline open load and short circuit diagnostics
    • Device thermal warning and shutdown
    • Window watchdog timer.
    • Fault condition interrupt pin (nFAULT)

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The DRV871x-Q1 family of devices are highly integrated, multi-channel gate drivers intended for driving multiple motors or loads. The devices integrate either 4 (DRV8714-Q1) or 8 (DRV8718-Q1) half-bridge gate drivers, driver power supplies, current shunt amplifiers, and protection monitors reducing total system complexity, size, and cost.

A smart gate drive architecture manages dead time to prevent shoot-through, controls slew rate to decrease electromagnetic interference (EMI), and optimizes propagation delay for optimal performance.

Input modes are provided for independent half-bridge or H-bridge control. Four PWM inputs can be multiplexed between the different drivers in combination with SPI control.

Wide common mode shunt amplifiers provide inline current sensing to continuously measure motor current even during recirculating windows. The amplifier can be used in low-side or high-side sense configurations if inline sensing is not required.

The devices provide an array of protection features to ensure robust system operation. These include under and overvoltage monitors, VDS overcurrent and VGS gate fault monitors for the external MOSFETs, offline open load and short circuit diagnostics, and internal thermal warning and shutdown protection.

open-in-new Find other Brushed DC (BDC) motor drivers
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Hardware development

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The DRV8718S-Q1 evaluation module (EVM) allows easy evaluation of the DRV8718S-Q1 device.

The DRV8718S-Q1 is 8-channel Gate Driver with inline current sensing and offline diagnostics. The DRV8718S-Q1 devices can be powered with a supply voltage from 4.9 to 37 V. A smart gate drive architecture (...)

  • 4.9-V to 37-V operating voltage range
  • 8 channel smart multi-stage gate driver
  • 4 PWM inputs with output mapping
  • 2x wide common mode current shunt amplifiers
  • SPI and H/W multiple interface options available

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VQFN (RVJ) 56 View options

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