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Integrated wideband transceivers, transmitters and receivers

Meet your performance, bandwidth and power needs with high integration

Our portfolio of wideband transceivers, receivers and transmitters feature multi-channel and ultra-high data sampling functionality with up to 9-GSPS DACs and 3-GSPS ADCs for your cutting-edge 5G and other wireless communications systems. Additional features of these devices include: decimating filters, nap mode, power down and more.

RF-sampling transceivers

High channel density, wide signal bandwidth and an RF-sampling architecture enable faster development, better dynamic range and lower bill of materials


Highly integrated devices that sample wide-bandwidth signals with high dynamic range at RF


RF-sampling devices that synthesize wide-bandwidth signals with the best noise and linearity performance

Featured products


Quad-channel general-purpose RF-sampling transceiver


Dual-channel, RF-sampling AFE with 14-bit 9-GSPS DAC and 3-GSPS ADC with bypass mode


Quad-channel, RF-sampling AFE with 14-bit 9-GSPS DAC and 3-GSPS ADC without bypass mode

Simplify your design process with our industry-leading design tools

Explore our latest design resources, including our JESD204 Rapid Design IP. With ready-to-use IP for easy FPGA integration, precise RF system models and more, our tools allow you to decrease firmware development time, reduce costly design cycles and accelerate your design from concept to prototype.