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Our portfolio of wideband transceivers, receivers and transmitters feature multi-channel and ultra-high data sampling functionality with up to 9-GSPS DACs and 3-GSPS ADCs for your cutting-edge 5G and other wireless communications systems. Additional features of these devices include: decimating filters, nap mode, power down and more.

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Design & development resources

JESD204 Rapid Design IP for FPGAs connected to TI high-speed data converters

The JESD204 rapid design IP has been designed to enable FPGA engineers to achieve an accelerated path to a working JESD204 system. The IP has been architected in a way that downstream digital processing and other application logic are isolated from most of the performance- and timing-critical (...)

Evaluation board
AFE7920 evaluation module for four-transmit four-receive two-feedback-path RF-sampling transceiver

The AFE7920 evaluation module (EVM) is an RF-sampling transceiver platform that can be configured to support up to four-transmit four-receive plus two-feedback (4T4R + 2FB) channels simultaneously.

The board evaluates the AFE7920 device, which is a quad-channel RF-sampling analog front end (AFE) (...)

Evaluation board
AFE7444 quad-channel RF-sampling AFE with 14-bit 9-GSPS DAC and 3-GSPS ADC evaluation module

The AFE7444 evaluation module (EVM) is an RF-sampling transceiver platform that can be configured to support up to four-transmit and four-receive (4T4R) channels simultaneously. The module evaluates the AFE7444 device, which is a quad-channel RF-sampling analog front end (...)


8 transmit (TX), 10 receive (RX), 7-GHz RF-sampling AFE with 12-GSPS DACs and 4-GSPS ADCs

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 2475

Four-channel wide-bandwidth RF-sampling transceiver with two feedback paths

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 1437

Two-transmit, two-receive, 5-MHz to 7.4-GHz, RF-sampling AFE with 12-GSPS DACs and 3-GSPS ADCs

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 388