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TI Embedded Processor Software Tool Kit for Medical Imaging (STK-MED) - for C66x and C64x+ based processors

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Latest version
Version: 03.00.00
Release date: 03 Nov 2011

STK-MED for C64x+ and C66x Windows Installer

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Digital signal processors (DSPs)
DM505 SoC for vision analytics 15mm package SM320C6678-HIREL High reliability product high performance 8-core C6678 fixed and floating-point DSP TMS320C6454 C64x+ fixed point DSP- up to 1GHz, 64-Bit EMIFA, 32/16 Bit DDR2, 1 Gbps Ethernet TMS320C6455 C64x+ fixed point DSP- up to 1.2GHz, 64-Bit EMIFA, 32/16 Bit DDR2, 1 Gbps Ethernet TMS320C6457 Communications infrastructure digital signal processor TMS320C6472 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor TMS320C6474 Multicore Digital Signal Processor

Release Information

The TI Embedded Processor Software Toolkit for Medical Imaging (STK-MED) is a collection of several standard ultrasound and optical coherence tomography (OCT) algorithms for TI's C66x and C64x+ architecture. The algorithms showcase how medical imaging functions can leverage the C66x and C64x+ architecture for efficient performance and low power consumption. The goal of STK-MED is to shorten customer development time of medical imaging systems by providing optimized implementations of commonly used processing blocks. The source code contained in the STK-MED can easily be extended or modified to develop customized and differentiated modules. Please see the landing page, for feature details.

Additional Information

* Support Forum: Please post your question at and include tag "STK-MED".

Technical Documents

* Documentation is included within the package.


* Please do not install in the same directory as .exe file.

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