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Windows® Embedded Compact Board Support Packages (BSP)

Texas Instruments has a strategic relationship with Adeneo Embedded for the release and support of Windows Embedded Compact Software Development Kits (SDK) for TI based ARM® Cortex™-A8 and ARM9™ devices.

Adeneo Embedded, in close collaboration with TI, has released new WEC7 SDKs including support for the newer AM335x and AM387x based EVMs from Texas Instruments. TI has worked with Adeneo Embedded to bring these high quality WEC7 SDK releases to market. Adeneo Embedded has extensive experience working with TI and Microsoft on previous SDKs; Adeneo Embedded is a Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold partner.

BSPs for TI Processors - Adeneo Embedded offers Windows Embedded Compact and CE BSPs for many processors and supported evaluation modules (EVM). Browse through the portfolio of Windows Embedded Compact and CE BSPs