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Delivering performance, efficiency and density for your RF systems

Enable your 5G and other RF wireless infrastructure applications with our portfolio of RF & microwave devices includes highly integreated wideband transceivers, receivers and transmitters, mixers and modulators, RF PLLs and synthesizers, RF amplifiers, mmWave sensors and smart RF transceivers.

Wideband transceivers, receivers & transmitters

Highly integrated wideband RF transceivers, receivers and transmitters to cover a wide range of design requirements for 5G cellular infrastructure, massive MIMO and general purpose wireless applications

Mixers & modulators

Maximize your system performance with high linearity, low noise, low power consumption and a wide frequency range

RF PLLs & synthesizers

Achieve the best tuning range and resolution with the lowest phase noise

RF amplifiers

Amplifiers providing gain, signal conditioning and protection while maintaining signal integrity with optimized power consumption and available in small-sized package options for optimal board placement and routing

mmWave sensors

Industry’s first RFCMOS single-chip millimeter wave sensors integrate an RF front-end with a DSP and MCU