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Overview for Battery Monitor, Protection & Authentication Solutions

Texas Instruments offers a versatile portfolio of Li-ion battery monitoring, protection, authentication, and peripheral ICs. Monitors capture key battery parameters such as voltage, current and temperature, and relay this information to a microcontroller. Battery Protectors detect a variety of fault conditions such as overvoltage, under-voltage, discharge overcurrent, and short circuit, and range from simple (OV only) to advanced (more faults detected). Authentication and identification ICs provide secure authentication or identification of battery packs and accessories such as charging cables and printer cartridges. Battery Peripheral ICs can greatly extend the capabilities of a battery pack with advanced technologies such as active cell balancing (ACB).

  • Accurately measure voltage, current and temperature
  • Integrated hardware protections
  • Robust digital interfaces
  • Available from 3- to 16-series cells
  • Primary (standalone) when no monitor required, or secondary hardware protection for supplemental safety
  • Protect against voltage, current, temperature and manufacturing faults
  • Low power and compact package options

Battery Peripherals

  • Optional components for advanced batteries
  • Active Cell Balancing (ACB) for advanced battery conditioning
  • Peripherals work in tandem with battery monitors and protectors
  • SHA-1 secure authentication for counterfeit detection and avoidance
  • Identification for storing unique serial numbers or data
  • One-time programmable or rewritable options