C6000 Multicore DSP + ARM SoC

TI DSP + ARM™ processors include a wide range of device choices that deliver the highest performance at the lowest power levels and costs. TI DSP + ARM solutions range from single core ARM9 + C674x DSP to quad-core ARM Cortex A15 + 8xC66x DSP cores.

TI ARM + DSP Advantage

Many system advantages can be realized with the integration of ARM and DSP cores including cost, power and area savings. TI ARM + DSP solutions are optimized for embedded systems with a focus on power savings and real-time performance.

The Cortex-A15 family features the Keystone architecture,TI's innovative design methodology for System-on- Chip (SoC) processors. This unique combination of architecture and design methodology enables full performance entitlement for every KeyStone-based device, as well as a common hardware and software platform for scalable product portfolios.

Benefits of the Keystone architecture include:

  • TeraNet to seamlessly interconnect various processing elements
  • Multicore Shared Memory Controller to provide direct access to on-chip memory and external double-data-rate three (DDR3) memory
  • Multicore Navigator to facilitate and manage communications across the SoC architecture
  • Hyperlink to interconnect companion devices such as additional coprocessors or other TI SoCs

TI DSP Advantage

Designed with power efficiency in mind, TI’s DSP processors provide the best signal processing per watt in the industry for embedded solutions. The C66x DSP is the world’s fastest floating point DSP in the industry and is available from single to octal core for simple scalability across platforms.

For many embedded systems, real-time performance is critical and TI DSPs have a long history of proven real-time enablement. TI’s real-time operating system (TI-RTOS) provides low-latency HW and SW interrupts to meet deterministic real-time system performance.

TI DSPs are simple to program with many tools and libraries available to ease development. TI optimized libraries provide access to highly-optimized common math functions with everything from filtering to FFTs to linear algebra. In addition, OpenCL and OpenMP support for multicore homogeneous and heterogeneous programming allow developers to move easily from single core to multicore quickly and easily.

Additional DSP features include:

  • Wide variety of high-speed peripherals
  • Integrated GigE switch
  • Large internal memory
  • Industrial temperature rangesupport
  • Designed for always-on use

C6000 DSP+ARM Devices

  OMAP-L138 66AK2E05 66AK2H14 66AK2L06
Core Speed 456MHz 1.25GHz – 1.4GHz 1.0GHz – 1.4GHz (ARM)
1.0 – 1.2 GHz (DSP)
ARM Core Type 1x ARM9 4x Cortex-A15 4x Cortex-A15 2x Cortex-A15
Max DMIPs ARM Cores 456 (@456MHz) 19600 (@1.4GHz) 19600 (@1.4GHz) 8400 (@1.2GHz)
DSP Cores 1x C647x 1x C66x 8x C66x 4x C66x
Max GMACs 3.648@ 456MHz 44.8@ 1.4GH 307.2@ 1.2GHz 153.6@ 1.2GHz
2.746 67.2 198.4 96
L1 KB per core 64 32D/32P 32D/32P 32D/32P (ARM)
64D/64P (DSP)
L2 Shared Cache 256 KB 4 MB 4 MB 1 MB
Shared SRAM 128 KB 2 MB 6 MB 3 MB
DDR (with ECC)
16b DDR2 150MHz 64b 1600 MHz 2x 64b 1600 MHz 64b 1600 MHz
Gigabit Ethernet 10/100 8 lanes 4 lanes 4 lanes
10 Gigabit Ethernet No 2 lanes 2 lanes No
PCI Express Gen 2 No 2 lanes of x2 1 lanes of x2 1 lanes of x2
Serial RapidIO No No 1x4 or 2x2 o r4x1 No
Extended Case Temperature -40°C to
-40°C to
-40°C to
-40°C to
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TI C6000 DSP+ARM Software Support

TI provides key runtime software components and documentation for ARM + DSP platforms of simplify development. Software Development Kits (SDK) can be downloaded on TI.com for free, and are included with TI EVMs and development kits. SDKs for DSP Processors do not require royalties and include tools, demos, documentation and more. O/S Independent support includes peripheral-specific libraries, drivers, and application examples.

Multicore SDK for C6000 DSP+ARM

Code Composer Studio

TI ARM + DSP Targeted Applications

TI's ARM + DSP solutions provide the perfect foundation for many different applications including:

TI ARM + DSP Training

Free, online training courses for more about KeyStone multicore DSP + ARM and their programmable features, foundational software and tools:

KeyStone II DSP + ARM SoC Architecture Overview

Description: This module provides a high-level view of the device architecture, including the C66x DSP and ARM Cortex-A15 processors, memory and transport topologies, networking and interface enhancements, as well as power saving and debug features for KeyStone II DSP+ARM multicore devices.
Length: 26 minutes

KeyStone II ARM Cortex-A15 CorePac Overview

Description: This module describes the software development ecosystem for the KeyStone II DSP+ARM multicore devices from both a Linux and SYS/BIOS perspective.
Created: November 2012
Length: 30 minutes

KeyStone II Software Overview

Description: This module introduces the implementation of the ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processor in KeyStone II DSP+ARM multicore devices.
Created: November 2012
Length: 20 minutes