Digital Signal Processors

World leader in DSPs with a broad, scalable portfolio of real-time, deterministic & easily programmable devices.


From sensors to servers, TI has the right DSPs for every application.

DSPs are at the center of embedded solutions

DSPs embedded solutions

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Software Quick Start

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Built for Real-time, deterministic processing

DSPs outperform general purpose processors for time critical applications

  • Architecturally designed to excel at mathematical operations and data movement
  • Real-time OS support provides event response times as low as 10ns Specialized instructions to do complex processing in a single cycle
  • Deterministic processing with optional cache use and DMAs that schedule data movement

Precise, deterministic architecture

Precise deterministic architecture

Performance comparison

Performance comparison

High performance

Highest performance floating point DSPs in the industry

  • TI’s C66x DSP core delivers 32 GMACs & 16 GFLOPS per core @1GHz.
  • TI’s C66x DSP core has the highest floating point BDTImark2000™ score in the industry. Learn more about BDTI benchmarks.
  • C6678 @160 GFLOPS, 320GMACs at 1.25GHz
  • 66AK2H12 @200 GFLOPS, 400GMACs at 1.4GHz
  • Easy-to-access performance with optimized processing libraries, optimizing C compiler and OpenMP/OpenCL support.

Power Efficient

TI DSPs excel in performance-to-power ratio

  • Industry’s lowest active power solution : < 0.20mW/MHz
  • TI SoCs deliver > 12GFLOPs/W at the application level (see Paypal’s example)
  • Integration with ARM and peripherals saves power, cost, and board space

Full range of power efficient cores

Full range of power efficient cores


DSP processors enable applications from sensors to servers

  • C6678 DSP @160 GFLOPS, 320GMACs at 1.25GHz
  • Scalable portfolio of DSP products from low power to high performance
  • Pin compatible devices available within processor families
  • Single core solutions support applications ranging from sensors and wearables to portable radios
  • Multicore solutions excel all the way up to servers with high-speed interfaces and efficient internal fabrics allowing many devices to work together effectively

Easily Programmable

Quickly create differentiated products with TI’s comprehensive suite of programming and debug tools

  • Free Software Development Kits (SDKs) with libraries and codecs
  • Single SDK for many DSPs for easy development and migration
  • Highly optimized compiler for high performance with C code
  • Multiple O/S options and support for OpenCL and OpenMP
Easily Programmable