Digital media video processors

Highly-integrated digital media SoC’s that analyze and process visual information

TI's digital media processor family are highly integrated, cost-effective, embedded programmable platforms which capture, analyze and process data-rich visual information from the real world physical environment. Leveraging TI's System on Chip (SoC) processor technology with robust Software Development Kits (SDKs) allows designers to swiftly bring to market innovative video and vision products.

Digital media video processors integration


Threading the needle of cost, power and performance through extensive integration of multiple processing engines on a single silicon device.

Ultra low latency processors

Ultra-low latency

Ultra-low latency enables advanced video encoding/decoding capabilities with minimal packet loss and delay for superior user experience.

Scalable video processors


Full family of devices allowing maximum re-use of hardware and software investments.


The TMS320DM36x digital media processors are designed for cost-sensitive applications requiring crystal clear video encoding and decoding of the HDVICP video co-processor up to 1080p H.264 at 30fps.


The DM38x digital media processors are designed for video applications, enabled by the 1GHz Arm® Cortex®-A8 and HDVICP2 video co-processor supporting 1080p60 real-time video encoding/decoding.


The TMS320DM812/4x digital media processors are designed for video analytics, encode/decode and display applications by integrating a powerful C674x floating point VLIW DSP and 3D graphics engines.


The DM505 vision analytics processors integrate dual core C66x DSPs, designed for advanced vision processing applications requiring high-performance, low-latency processing and low power.