PTN78000W 1.5-A, Wide-Input Adjustable Switching Regulator |


1.5-A, Wide-Input Adjustable Switching Regulator


Recommended alternative parts

  • TPSM84205  - The device has SIMILAR FUNCTIONALITY but is not functionally equivalent to the compared device. 
  • LMZ35003  -  While the PTN78000W is still active and fully supported, the LMZ35003 is offered in a smaller over-molded QFN-style power module.


The PTN78000 is a series of high-efficiency, step-down Integrated Switching Regulators (ISR), that represent the third generation in the evolution of the popular 78ST100 series of products. In new designs it should be considered in place of the 78ST100, PT78ST100, PT5100, and PT6100 series of single in-line pin (SIP) products. The PTN78000 is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, and has either similar or improved electrical performance characteristics. The case-less, double-sided package, also exhibits improved thermal characteristics, and is compatible with TI's roadmap for RoHS and lead-free compliance.

Operating from a wide-input voltage range, the PTN78000 provides high-efficiency, step-down voltage conversion for loads of up to 1.5 A. The output voltage is set using a single external resistor. The PTN78000W may be set to any value within the range, 2.5 V to 12.6 V, and the PTN78000H from 11.85 V to 22 V. The output voltage of the PTN78000W can be as little as 2 V lower than the input, allowing operation down to 7 V, with an output voltage of 5 V. The output voltage of the PTN78000H can be as little as 3 V lower than the input, alowing operation down to 15 V, with an output voltage of 12 V.

The PTN78000 has undervoltage lockout and an integral on/off inhibit. The modules are suited to a wide variety of general-purpose applications that operate off 12-V, 24-V, or 28-VDC power.


  • 1.5-A Output Current
  • Wide-Input Voltage
    (7 V to 36 V) / (15 V to 36 V)
  • Wide-Output Voltage Adjust
    (2.5V to 12.6 V) / (11.85 V to 22 V)
  • High Efficiency (Up to 95%)
  • On/Off Inhibit
  • Undervoltage Lockout
  • Output Current Limit
  • Overtemperature Shutdown
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Surface Mount Package Available
    • General-Purpose, Industrial Controls, HVAC Systems, Test and Measurement, Medical Instrumentation, AC/DC Adaptors, Vehicles, Marine, and Avionics