3 µVpp/V Noise, 3 ppm/°C Drift Precision Series Voltage Reference

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* Datasheet REF50xx Low-Noise, Very Low Drift, Precision Voltage Reference datasheet (Rev. I) Feb. 17, 2020
Application notes Low-Noise Negative Reference Design with REF5025 Dec. 01, 2019
Application notes Voltage Reference Design Tips For ADC Pairing Nov. 05, 2019
Application notes Circuit showing overstress protection on ADC with integrated analog front end Nov. 27, 2018
White papers Voltage reference selection basics white paper (Rev. A) Oct. 23, 2018
More literature Tips and tricks for designing with voltage references May 30, 2017
Technical articles Find the "Goldilocks" voltage reference for your application Sep. 02, 2016
Technical articles The impact of voltage reference noise on delta-sigma ADC resolution Dec. 11, 2015
User guides DAC8562TEVM User's Guide Oct. 07, 2015
Technical articles Understanding voltage references: level shift of precision voltage references May 15, 2015
Technical articles IC long-term stability: The only constant is change Feb. 20, 2014
Application notes Stacking the REF50xx for High-Voltage References May 29, 2013
More literature DAC8734 - Smallest 16-Bit Quad High-Voltage DAC [WMV] Feb. 18, 2010