Adjustable precision shunt regulator

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* Datasheet TL431 / TL432 Precision Programmable Reference datasheet (Rev. P) Nov. 14, 2018
Application notes Using the TL431 for Undervoltage and Overvoltage Detection (Rev. A) Dec. 11, 2019
Selection guides 431 Device Nomenclature (Rev. B) Sep. 18, 2019
Application notes Designing With the Improved TL431LI (Rev. A) Jun. 28, 2019
White papers Voltage reference selection basics white paper (Rev. A) Oct. 23, 2018
Application notes TL431 Pin FMEA Jan. 12, 2018
Application notes Low Cost Bidirectional Current Sensing Using INA181 Jul. 28, 2017
More literature Tips and tricks for designing with voltage references May 30, 2017
Technical articles Differences between PSR and SSR in bias power-supply design Apr. 08, 2016
Technical articles The great compromise: voltage references Dec. 07, 2015
Technical articles Designing for isolated DC/DC converter shunt safety Aug. 29, 2015
Technical articles Can overcurrent protection be simple and precise, while minimizing cost? Jul. 31, 2015
Application notes Designing Overcurrent protection for TPL7407L Peripheral Driver Nov. 05, 2014
Application notes Low-cost flyback solutions for 10-mW standby power Jan. 22, 2014
Application notes Understanding stability boundary conditions charts in TL431, TL432 Data sheet (Rev. A) Jan. 16, 2014
Application notes Lead-Acid Charger and LED Driver using TPS5402 (Rev. A) Jun. 13, 2013
User guides 200-VA HF Inverter Design Based on UCD8220 and MSP430G2330 for Automotive Apps Mar. 07, 2013
Application notes Compensation Design with TL431 for UCC28600 Jan. 16, 2013
Application notes Setting the shunt voltage on an adjustable shunt regulator Sep. 01, 2011
User guides A 90-W High-Efficiency, LLC Series-Resonant Converter Nov. 03, 2010
Application notes Q1 2009 Issue Analog Applications Journal Mar. 11, 2009
Application notes Using a portable-power boost converter in an isolated flyback application Mar. 11, 2009
Software TL431 Design Calculator Nov. 02, 2005
Application notes Designing Switching Voltage Regulators With the TL494 (Rev. E) Jul. 26, 2005