Low-power comparator with reference (non-inverting, open-drain)

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* Datasheet TLV40x1 Small-Size, Low-Power Comparator with Precision Threshold datasheet (Rev. A) May 30, 2019
User guides TLV40x1EVM User's Guide (Rev. A) Jun. 28, 2019
Technical articles Use fast, precise overcurrent detection to enable diagnostics in automotive safety systems Jun. 24, 2019
Application notes Fast-response overcurrent event detection circuit May 27, 2019
Application notes Undervoltage protection with comparator circuit Jan. 17, 2019
User guides TLV4021EVM and TLV4041EVM User's Guide Sep. 10, 2018
Technical articles What you need to know about using general purpose op amps at low voltage Mar. 21, 2014
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