Maximize your system with current sense amplifiers

Current sensing solutions for protection, feedback control and system monitoring

Analog output

Integrate the full analog signal processing and provide a voltage or current output

Integrated comparator

Provides a simple ALERT signal when the load current exceeds a threshold

Power/Current Monitors

Integrate the full signal conditioning path and utilize a standard 2-wire digital interface

Integrated shunt

Offers a low-drift, precision integrated sense element

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Voltage-output current sense amplifier with enhanced PWM rejection


36-V Low-/High-Side Bi-Directional Zero-Drift Current Sense Amp w/Precision Int Shunt Resistor


Dual 26V low- or high-side voltage output current sense amplifier

Featured TI Designs

Solar MPPT Charge Controller

20A MPPT solar charge controller created for solar panel inputs corresponding to 12V and 24V panels

Automotive USB Charger with Linear Droop Compensation Reference Design

Provides detailed data for evaluating and verifying a USB charger

-48V Telecom Current/Voltage/Power Sense with Isolation

Ability to report current, voltage and power on a bus that carries -48V

Leakage Current Measurement for Determining Insulation Resistance

A reference solution to measure Insulation Resistance up to 100MΩ

24W Boost and Boost-to-Battery Reference Design for Automotive LED Lighting

24W, high-efficiency (94%), low cost, Asynchronous boost design for automotive LED applications

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Browse current and power measurement use cases. Each TI TechNote includes problem analysis, implementation options and related products.

General Current & Power Monitoring Challenges

TI TechNotes Download TechNotes Devices
Measuring Current To Detect Out-of-Range Conditions PDF



Monitoring Current for Multiple Out-of-Range Conditions PDF



Precision, Low-Side Current Measurement PDF INA210
Integrating the Current Sensing Signal Path PDF INA226
Integrating the Current Sensing Resistor PDF



Improve Shunt Layout with Integrated Current Sense Resistor PDF



Integrated, Current Sensing Analog-to-Digital Converter PDF INA226
Op-Amp Current Sense Circuit Integration PDF INA180
Discrete Current Sensing vs. SOC Integrated Current Sensing Function PDF INA180
Energy & Power Monitoring
Digital Interface for Power Monitors PDF INA233
Precision, Low-Side Current Measurement PDF INA199

High Voltage (100V+) Current & Power Monitoring Specific Challenges

TI TechNotes Download TechNotes Devices
Extend Common-mode Range for High Voltage Applications PDF INA226
Design Considerations for Dual DRV425 Bus Bar Application PDF DRV425

Motor/Solenoid Specific Challenges

TI TechNotes Download TI TechNotes Devices
High Precision, Low-Drift In-Line Motor Current Measurements PDF INA240
Low-Drift, Low-Side Current Measurements for Three Phase Systems PDF INA301
High-Side DC-Link Motor Current Monitoring for Over-Current Protection PDF



High-Side Drive, High-Side Solenoid Monitor With PWM Rejection PDF



Bi-Directional, Low-Side Phase Current Sensing with Integrated Over-Current Detection PDF



Bi-Directional Current Measurement in H-Bridge PDF INA240

End Equipment Specific Challenges

TI TechNotes Download TI TechNotes Devices
Current Measurements for Switching Power Supply PDF INA240
Current Sensing In Current Mode Control Power Supply PDF INA240
Precision Brightness and Color Mixing in LED Lighting Using Discrete Current Sense Amplifiers PDF INA240
Protection for Discrete Digital Outputs in PLC Systems PDF INA240