Variable gain amplifiers to meet your varying performance requirements

Gains up to 1000V/V and bandwidths to 4.5GHz - get the right gain at the right time

Variable gain amplifiers

Wide bandwidth amplifiers with precision analog and digital gain control up to 4.5 GHz

Programmable gain amplifiers

Digitally programmable precision amplifiers with binary and scope gain ranges up to 1,000V/V

Featured programmable and variable gain amplifiers


Zero-drift, high-precision instrumentation amplifier


1.1 GHz DVGA with 39-dB gain range (1 dB step)


Temperature and pressure programmable signal conditioner

Featured TI Designs reference designs

50-ohm, 2-GHz oscilloscope front-end

Demonstrates a 50-ohm interface oscilloscope front-end with 2GHz bandwidth

Quad-channel, 250-MSPS digitizer with variable gain amplifier

Demonstrates how to use a high-performance VGA to drive a differential ADC with a single-ended signal

Bridge sensor signal conditioner with current-loop output

Bridge sensor conditioner module that delivers a well-regulated current output to a ground-referenced load with EMI protection

Technical resources

Online classroom for analog engineers with more than 40 hands-on amplifier trainings and lab videos.

E-book for analog system design covering a wide variety of popular signal chain topics (registration required)

Ask questions, share knowledge and help solve problems with fellow engineers in TI's E2E™ Community