1.5% accuracy, low-voltage, adjustable precision shunt regulator

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* Datasheet TLV431x Low-Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator datasheet (Rev. X) May 01, 2018
Application notes Using the TL431 for Undervoltage and Overvoltage Detection (Rev. A) Dec. 11, 2019
Application notes Voltage Reference Design Tips For ADC Pairing Nov. 05, 2019
Selection guides 431 Device Nomenclature (Rev. B) Sep. 18, 2019
More literature Voltage Supervisor and Reset ICs: Tips, Tricks and Basics Jun. 28, 2019
Application notes High-side current sources for industrial applications Mar. 12, 2019
Application notes Window comparator circuit (Rev. A) Feb. 06, 2019
White papers Voltage reference selection basics white paper (Rev. A) Oct. 23, 2018
Application notes Low Cost Bidirectional Current Sensing Using INA181 Jul. 28, 2017
More literature Tips and tricks for designing with voltage references May 30, 2017
Technical articles Digitally select your reference voltage Apr. 27, 2016
Technical articles Understanding Voltage References: Using a Shunt Reference as a Comparator May 12, 2015
Application notes Designing Overcurrent protection for TPL7407L Peripheral Driver Nov. 05, 2014
Application notes Low-cost flyback solutions for 10-mW standby power Jan. 22, 2014
Technical articles Power Tips: How to Regulate a Low-Voltage, Isolated Supply Jan. 16, 2014
Application notes Supplying TPS61200 With a Single Solar Cell (Rev. B) Sep. 06, 2011
Application notes Setting the shunt voltage on an adjustable shunt regulator Sep. 01, 2011
Application notes Implementing a Buck Converter With the TPS23753A Sep. 20, 2010
User guides Low Cost Isolated Power Supply for PoE Applications May 20, 2003
User guides 10-Watt Flyback Converter Utilizing the UCC3809 (Rev. B) Sep. 14, 2001