Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor

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* Datasheet TMS320VC5503 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor datasheet (Rev. J) Jan. 22, 2008
* Errata TMS320VC5503 Digital Signal Processor Silicon Errata (Rev. C) Apr. 14, 2008
User guides TMS320C55x DSP Peripherals Overview Reference Guide (Rev. K) Dec. 15, 2011
User guides TMS320VC5503/5507/5509 DSP Host Port Interface (HPI) Reference Guide (Rev. C) Jun. 11, 2009
Application notes Board and System Design Considerations for the TMS320VC5503/06/07/09A DSPs Nov. 19, 2008
Application notes TMS320VC5503/VC5506/VC5507/C5509A Power Consumption Summary (Rev. C) Sep. 05, 2008
Application notes Using the TMS320VC5503/C5506/C5507/C5509/C5509A Bootloader (Rev. F) Sep. 05, 2008
User guides TMS320VC5503/5507/5509/5510 Direct Memory Access(DMA) Controller Reference Guide (Rev. E) Jan. 09, 2007
User guides TMS320VC5503/5507/5509/5510 DSP Timers Reference Guide (Rev. C) Apr. 11, 2006
User guides TMS320VC5501/5502/5503/5507/5509 DSP Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Module RG (Rev. D) Oct. 17, 2005
User guides TMS320VC5501/5502/5503/5507/5509/5510 DSP (McBSP) Reference Guide (Rev. E) Apr. 14, 2005
Application notes Recommended Power Solutions For TMS320C5509A/07/03 Mar. 28, 2005
User guides TMS320C55x DSP CPU Programmer's Reference Supplement (Rev. G) Feb. 24, 2005
Application notes TMS320VC5503 Hardware Designer's Resource Guide Jun. 25, 2004
User guides TMS320VC5503/5507/5509 DSP Real-Time Clock (RTC) Reference Guide (Rev. B) Jun. 25, 2004
User guides TMS320VC5503/5507/5509 DSP External Memory Interface (EMIF) Reference Guide (Rev. A) Jun. 04, 2004
User guides TMS320C55x DSP CPU Reference Guide (Rev. F) Feb. 25, 2004
User guides TMS320C55x DSP Mnemonic Instruction Set Reference Guide (Rev. G) Oct. 11, 2002