TPS61176 High Efficient 6-Channel WLED Driver Supporting Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery Input |

This product has been released to the market and is available for purchase. For some products, newer alternatives may be available.
High Efficient 6-Channel WLED Driver Supporting Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery Input


Recommended alternative parts

  • TPS61177A  - The device has SIMILAR FUNCTIONALITY but is not functionally equivalent to the compared device.   6 Ch LED Driver, externally configurable


The TPS61176 is an integrated WLED backlight driver for tablets or notebook PCs using single-cell batteries. It comprises a high-efficiency boost converter with an integrated 2-A, 40-V power MOSFET, and six current sink regulators. The device can drive up to 60 WLEDs. The boost output voltage automatically adjusts to the WLED forward voltage to improve efficiency.

The TPS61176 supports mixed dimming mode. The automatic switch between PWM dimming and analog dimming increases the overall electrical-to-optical efficiency, reducing power of the backlight significantly. The switch point can be programmed to 12.5% or 25%. PWM dimming mode can also be programmed to fixed frequency dimming or direct PWM dimming. The device supports up to 14-bit dimming resolution to avoid potential flickering during low brightness dimming.

True shutdown is supported with a driver for an external isolation P-channel MOSFET. When the device is disabled or the boost output is shorted to ground, the isolation PFET is turned off to cut off the power path from battery preventing any leakage current from the battery. The device also integrates soft start, thermal shutdown, WLED open and short protection. Its 16-pin WQFN package provides a space-saving and high-performance WLED driver solution.


  • 2.7-V to 6.5-V VIN Voltage Range
  • 2.7-V to 24-V Boost Input Voltage Range
  • Integrated 2-A/40-V MOSFET
  • 1-MHz Switching Frequency
  • Adaptive Boost Output to WLED Voltages
  • Six Current Sinks of 35 mA Capability Each
  • ±2% (Maximum) Current Accuracy
  • 1.3% (Typical) Current Matching
  • 100-Hz to 22-kHz Input PWM Frequency
  • Mixed Dimming Mode: Automatic Switch Between
    Analog Dimming and PWM Dimming
    • Programmable Switch Point: 25% or 12.5%
    • Programmable PWM Dimming Mode: 22-kHz
      PWM Dimming, Direct PWM Dimming
  • Up to 14-bit Dimming Resolution
  • Support Down to 1% Dimming Duty Cycle
  • Input PWM Glitch Filter
  • Up to 90% Efficiency
  • Driver for Input and Output Isolation PFET for
    True Shutdown
  • Built-in WLED Open and Short Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown


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Part number Order Channels (#) Vin (Min) (V) Vin (Max) (V) Vout (Min) (V) Vout (Max) (V) Switching frequency (Max) (kHz) Type LED current per channel (mA) LED (#) Topology Shutdown current (Typ) (uA) Peak efficiency (%) LED configuration Function Features Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TPS61176 Order now 6     2.7     6.5     2.7     38     1000     Inductive     35     60     Boost     2     90     6 LED channels     Mixed-mode dimming     OVP     -40 to 85     WQFN | 16     16WQFN: 9 mm2: 3 x 3 (WQFN | 16)    
LM36274 Order now 4     2.7     5     27     30     1050     Inductive     30     32     Boost
Current Sink    
1.2     92     Parallel
  Adjustable Switch Frequency
I2C Control
Thermal Shutdown    
-40 to 85     DSBGA | 24     See datasheet (DSBGA)    
LM36923H Order now 3     2.5     5.5     0     37     1050     Inductive     30     30     Boost
Current Sink
1.2     92     Parallel
  Adjustable Switch Frequency
Direct PWM Dimming
I2C Control
Thermal Shutdown    
-40 to 85     DSBGA | 12     12DSBGA: 2 mm2: 1.16 x 2 (DSBGA | 12)    
LP8555 Order now 12     2.7     20     7     28     1000     Inductive     50     96     Boost     3     93     6 LED channels
Backlight     Adjustable Switch Frequency
Analog/PWM Mixed Dimming
Edge Rate Control
I2C Control
Integrated Switch
PWM Control
Thermal Shutdown    
-40 to 85     DSBGA | 36     See datasheet (DSBGA)    
LP8556 Order now 6     2.7     20     7     48     1250     Inductive     50     60     Boost     0.1