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This product has been released to the market and is available for purchase. For some products, newer alternatives may be available.
Low side smart power switch

Low side smart power switch - UC27131


The UC37131, UC37132 and UC37133 are a family of smart power switches which can drive resistive or inductive loads from the high side or low side.

The UC37132 is available in 14 pin (DIP), 16 pin (SOIC), or 20 pin (CLCC) packages and can accommodate both low side (load to VCC) or high side (load to GND) configurations. The UC37131 and UC37133 are exclusively for a low side or a high side configuration respectively and both are available in an 8 pin package. Both high side and low side configurations provide high current switching with low saturation voltages which can drive resistive or inductive loads.

The input to the switch is driven by a low voltage signal, typically 5V. Additionally, UC37132 features adjustable hysteresis. The output of the device can switch a load between 8V and 65V. Output current capability is 300mA continuous or 700mA peak.

The device also has inherent smart features that allow for programmable turn-on delay in enabling the output following startup. The same capacitor that specifies the turn-on delay is also used to program a VCC power interruption time. If VCC drops below a threshold for a time specified by this capacitor, the output is turned off and a new turn-on delay will be retriggered. Similarly, if high current persists longer than the response delay, the output driver will operate in a very low duty cycle mode to protect the IC.


  • 300mA Continuous Output Current
  • Low Side or High Side Switch Configuration
  • 8V to 65V Operation
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • Power Interruption Protection
  • +6V Regulated Voltage
  • 2mA Quiescent Current
  • Programmable Overcurrent and Power Interruption Protection
  • 1% to 30% Programmable Input Comparator Hysteresis (on UC37132)
  • Low and High Side Internal High Current Clamps When Driving Inductive Loads