Power management

Ideal diode and OR-ing controllers

TI’s ideal diodes and OR-ing controllers offer space-saving and scalable solutions to protect your system against reverse voltage or reverse current. These devices significantly reduce the energy typically lost across the forward voltage drop of traditional discrete silicon or Schottky diodes.


TI’s OR-ing controllers reduce the power losses associated with traditional diodes. Applications requiring redundant power supplies are more efficient with OR-ing devices instead of diodes.

  • Fast response to reverse current events
  • Improved efficiency and reliability

Input protection

TI’s ideal diodes, also known as smart diodes, provide front-end protection against reverse battery conditions, over voltage transients and inrush current, with improved power efficiency in a smaller solution size.

  • Low Iq for power efficiency
  • Scalable solution

Looking for other power switches?

If you’re looking to reduce solution size and distribute your power, improve robustness with protection features, or diagnose against current conditions, then check out the rest of our portfolio.