Low-Cost CVCC Flyback Controller With Primary-Side Regulation for Bipolar Power Device

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* Datasheet UCC28722 Constant-Voltage, Constant-Current Controller With Primary-Side Regulation, BJT Drive datasheet (Rev. B) Oct. 30, 2015
Application notes Common-Mode-Chokeless Bias Supply Reference Design Example Jan. 02, 2020
Application notes Minimize Standby Consumption for UCC287XX Family Aug. 01, 2019
Application notes Selecting Electrolitic Bus Capacitor for Universal Input Jul. 17, 2018
Application notes Maximum Output Power and Thermal Considerations for UCC28720 and UCC28722 Dec. 06, 2017
Application notes AC-DC Non-Isolated SMPS for Single-Phase Smart Meters Based on UCC28722 (Rev. A) Nov. 02, 2017
Technical articles Making smart meter eFuses robust and reliable Jun. 28, 2017
Technical articles Powering the IoT Jan. 26, 2017
Technical articles A mini data concentrator for the smart grid Nov. 21, 2016
Application notes Troubleshooting TI PSR controllers Oct. 03, 2016
Technical articles Solving the biggest challenges when designing smart meter power supplies Sep. 06, 2016
Application notes UCC28722, Bias Supply Design Considerations for Intelligent eMeter Applications Aug. 05, 2016
Application notes Versatile Buck-Boost driver based on UCC28722 for 5W-9W LED Bulb Dec. 08, 2015
Application notes Choosing Standard Recovery Diode or Ultra-Fast Diode in Snubber Oct. 09, 2015
White papers Control Challenges for Low Power AC/DC Converters Oct. 02, 2015
White papers Control Challenges for Low Power AC/DC Converters (PPT) Oct. 02, 2015
Software UCC28722 MathCad Design Tool (Rev. A) Mar. 28, 2014
Software UCC28722 Excel Design Tool Feb. 05, 2014
Application notes 5-W USB Flyback Design Example Using the UCC28722 Jan. 08, 2014