1.8A Low Voltage Dual Half-Bridge Driver with Individual Control Interface - DRV8839


1.8A Low Voltage Dual Half-Bridge Driver with Individual Control Interface


The DRV8839 provides a versatile power driver solution for cameras, consumer products, toys, and other low-voltage or battery-powered applications. The device has two independent ½-H-bridge drivers and can drive one DC motor or one winding of a stepper motor, as well as other devices like solenoids. The output stages use N-channel power MOSFET’s configured as ½-H-bridges. An internal charge pump generates needed gate drive voltages.

The DRV8839 can supply up to 1.8-A of output current. It operates on a motor power supply voltage from 0 V to 11 V and a device power supply voltage of 1.8 V to 7 V.

The DRV8839 has independent input and enable pins for each ½-H-bridge which allow independent control of each output.

Internal shutdown functions are provided for over current protection, short circuit protection, under voltage lockout and overtemperature.

The DRV8839 is packaged in a 12-pin, 2-mm × 3-mm WSON package with PowerPAD (Eco-friendly: RoHS & no Sb/Br).


  • Dual ½-H-Bridge Motor Driver
    • Drives a DC Motor or One Winding of a
      Stepper Motor, or Other Loads
    • Low MOSFET On-Resistance:
      HS + LS 280 mΩ
  • 1.8-A Maximum Drive Current
  • Separate Motor and Logic Supply Pins:
    • 0-V to 11-V Motor-Operating
      Supply-Voltage Range
    • 1.8-V to 7-V Logic Supply-Voltage
  • Separate Motor and Logic Supply Pins
  • Individual ½-H-Bridge Control
    Input Interface
  • Low-Power Sleep Mode With 120-nA
    Maximum Combined Supply Current
  • 2-mm × 3-mm 12-Pin WSON Package

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Vs (Min) (V)
Vs (Max) (V)
RMS Output Current (A)
Peak Output Current (A)
# of Full Bridges
Control I/F
RDS(ON) (HS + LS) (mOhms)
Additional Features
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Approx. Price (US$)
DRV8839 DRV8837 DRV8838
1.8     1.8     1.8    
11     11     11    
1.8     1.8     1.8    
1.8     1.8     1.8    
1     1     1    
Independent PWM     PWM     Phase / Enable    
280     280     280    
Split Vcc/Vm Supplies
35nA Sleep Current
Individual Half-Bridge Control I/F    
Split Vcc/Vm Supplies
35nA Sleep Current    
Split Vcc/Vm Supplies
35nA Sleep Current    
Catalog     Catalog     Catalog    
-40 to 85     -40 to 85     -40 to 85    
12WSON     8WSON     8WSON    
0.50 | 1ku     0.45 | 1ku     0.45 | 1ku    

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