2.5V to 12V input voltage, 93% Efficient, 2.25A Switch Current Limit, Buck-Boost Converter

2.5V to 12V input voltage, 93% Efficient, 2.25A Switch Current Limit, Buck-Boost Converter - TPS63060

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The TPS6306x devices provide a power supply solution for products powered by either three-cell up to six-cell alkaline, NiCd or NiMH battery, or a one-cell or dual-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer battery. Output currents can go as high as 2-A while using a dual-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer battery, and discharge it down to 5 V or lower. The buck-boost converter is based on a fixed frequency, pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controller using synchronous rectification to obtain maximum efficiency. At low load currents, the converter enters power-save mode to maintain high efficiency over a wide load current range. The power-save mode can be disabled, forcing the converter to operate at a fixed switching frequency. The maximum average current in the switches is limited to a typical value of 2.25 A. The output voltage is programmable using an external resistor divider, or is fixed internally on the chip. The converter can be disabled to minimize battery drain. During shutdown, the load is disconnected from the battery.

The devices are available in a 3 mm × 3 mm, 10-pin, WSON (DSC), PowerPAD package.

For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of


  • Input Voltage Range: 2.5 V to 12 V
  • Efficiency: Up to 93%
  • Output Current at 5 V (VIN<10 V): 2 A in Buck Mode
  • Output Current at 5 V (VIN>4 V): 1.3 A in Boost Mode
  • Automatic Transition Between Step Down and Boost Mode
  • Typical Device Quiescent Current: < 30 μA
  • Fixed and Adjustable Output Voltage Options from 2.5 V to 8 V
  • Power-Save Mode for Improved Efficiency at Low Output Power
  • Forced Fixed-Frequency Operation at 2.4 MHz and Synchronization Possible
  • Power Good Output
  • Buck-Boost Overlap Control
  • Load Disconnect During Shutdown
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection

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Vin (Min) (V)
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Power Good
Synchronous Rectification
UVLO Fixed   
-40 to 85   

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Enhanced Product TPS63060-EP Supports Defense, Aerospace and Medical Applications