USB 2.0 High-Speed and Mobile High-Definition Link Switch w/ ID Select and Flexible Power Control

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The TS3USB3200 is a double-pole, double throw (DPDT) multiplexer that includes a high speed Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) or Mobility Display Port (MyDP) switch and a USB 2.0 High-Speed (480Mbps) switch in the same package. Additionally included is a single-pole, double throw (SPDT) USB/MHL or MyDP ID switch for easy information control. These configurations allow the system designer to use a common USB or Mico-USB connector for both MHL/MyDP video signals and USB data.

The TS3USB3200 has a VCC range of 2.7V to 4.3V and also has the option to be powered by VBUS without VCC. The device supports a over-voltage tolerance (OVT) feature which allows the I/O pins to withstand over-voltage conditions (up to 5.5V). The power-off protection feature forces all I/O pins to be in high impedance mode when power is not present. This allows full isolation of the signals lines without excessive leakage current. The select pins of TS3USB3200 are compatible with 1.8V control voltage, allowing them to be directly interfaced with the General Purpose I/O (GPIO) from a mobile processor.

The TS3USB3200 comes with a small 16-pin QFN package (2.6mm x 1.8mm in size), which makes it a perfect candidate for mobile applications.


  • VCC Range: 2.7V to 4.3V
  • Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) or Mobility Display Port (MyDP) Switch
    • Bandwidth (–3dB): 5.5 GHz
    • Ron (Typ): 5.7Ω
    • Con (Typ): 2.5pF
  • USB Switch
    • Bandwidth (–3dB): 5.5 GHz
    • Ron (Typ): 4.6Ω
    • Con (Typ): 2.5pF
  • Current Consumption: 40µA Typ
  • Special Features
    • Flexible Power Control: Device can be Powered by VBUS Without VCC or by VCC Alone
    • IOFF Protection Prevents Current Leakage in Powered Down State (VCC and VBUS= 0 V)
    • 1.8-V Compatible Control Inputs (SEL1, SEL2, and PSEL)
    • Over-Voltage Tolerance (OVT) on all I/O Pins up to 5.5V Without External Components
  • ESD Performance:
    • 3.5kV Human Body Model (A114B, Class II)
    • 1kV Charged Device Model (C101)
  • Package:
    • 16-pin QFN Package (2.6 x 1.8 mm, 0.4 mm Pitch)

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